Special Black Friday TrenDevice and BuyDifferent: Super Discounts up to -60% while stocks last!


Published on Nov 23, 2018


Started Black Friday on TrenDevice and BuyDifferent with Super Discounts up to -60% on all products in the catalog. Donations continue non-stop until 26 November, when she finishes the Black Week. On TrenDevice we expect lots of opportunities to take the flight to save on the purchase of Smartphones and Tablets reconditioned, while on BuyDifferent you can buy Mac reconditioned that you have always desired, or boost up your computer with upgrades, SSD, RAM, Hard Drives and Batteries.

The discounts of Black Friday and the rest of the days of the Black Week until stocks run out: we recommend that you take advantage of it now today since the very early hours. The extraordinary offers of Black Friday are already online, so if you want to buy an iPhone, iPad, Samsung and Huawei reconditioned, go immediately to the site TrenDevice or sign up to the alert in order to stay updated on special offers and availability of time. If instead you are interested in a Mac, refurbished or upgrades to enhance your computer, go to the website BuyDifferent or to sign up to the alert in order not to lose the previews of the offers.

On TrenDevice you can find a wide selection of iPhone reconditioned, here are some of the many offers to take advantage of: they are already available in the latest models the iPhone Xs Max Xs, and X starting from only 709,90€, or iPhone 8 discounted by up to -32%, with prices starting from 459,90€. The iPhone 7 reconditioned and iPhone 7 Plus are among the most popular for the excellent quality-price ratio, you can find them discounted up to -51%, with prices respectively starting from 269,90€ and 349,90€. On TrenDevice you can also find older models, but still ultra high performance as iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and iPhone IF reconditioned. With regard to the iPad-you can find for example many offers on the iPad Pro a 12.9” iPad, Air and the popular iPad 4 and iPad Pro to 9.7”. As far as the Samsung reconditioned, do not miss the chance to buy a Galaxy S9+ or S9 super discounted, with prices starting from 399,90€. Or a Samsung S8 from 299,90€ or a S7 229,90€. Between the Huawei refurbished available on TrenDevice the choice falls on six models: P20 Pro, P20, Mate 10 Pro, P10 Plus, P10, and P9 all discounted.

On BuyDifferent, you can buy Mac Reconditioned, guaranteed 1 year, such as the 13-inch MacBook Pro starting from only 399,90€, MacBook Pro 15” with prices from 509,90€, or from 729,90€ find the MacBook Pro Retina 13”. As far as the 13” MacBook are on offer from 289,90€, while the MacBook 12” are available from just 819,90€. Finally, with regard to desktops, large selection of iMac starting at just 419,90€ and the latest availability of Mac mini, and Mac Pro. If you already have a Mac, you can upgrade up to +300% thanks to the new RAM, SSD, or change the Hard Disk and battery, all upgrades are super discounted.

Do not waste time and take advantage of the super deals of Black Friday and the rest of the days of the Black Week, which ends on the 26th of November. Run on over to TrenDevice and BuyDifferent because the discounted products are only while stocks last.

TrenDevice was founded in 2014 but it is already the solution, no.1 for the purchase and sale of smartphones and tablets reconditioned: more than 3,400 reviews certified and a customer satisfaction index of 96%.

BuyDifferent is the e-commerce point of reference of the Mac users in Italy since 2003, for the purchase of Mac Reconditioned, Guaranteed 1 year, upgrade, video courses and e-books.

The Special Black Friday TrenDevice and BuyDifferent: Super Discounts up to -60% while stocks last! comes from iSpazio.




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