Speaks the daughter of John Sepielli Who has seen it: “The machine that was supposed to investigate did not work”


Published on Jan 11, 2019


It is still incredulous, Rosanna, the daughter of John Sepielli, while talking on the phone with the journalists Who saw it during the episode of the day time of January 11, 2019. Just yesterday, Rosanna, his sisters, his mother and all the family of John the baptist, they discovered that their joint was dead. Unfortunately, John was hit by a train right on the same day that he disappeared. But despite the appeals, the complaints made to the police, the claims made on tv and in the national media, nobody thought that the eighty-year old man dead, run over by a train could be John the baptist. Rosanna then adds other details: her father was identified in mid-December, but nobody thought to warn his family.

The words of Rosanna, the daughter of John the baptist in the telephone connection with those Who have seen it:

Yesterday the Police of Limbiate, I have convened to 17 approximately. I have notified the death of my father telling me that he had come to miss the 4th of October, the same day of the disappearance. In the evening at 20,30 my father was hit by a train. I'm sorry that this machine does not work. We have notified at the national level, the death of my father. There is a fatal accident and no one asks the question let's look at the gone, whether there could be a man, if that day something happened. We knew that my father had moved away, had very little money. But how is it possible that the 4 or 5 October, no one was a question? There is someone who reports the disappearance of people? The railway police has done the surveys, there were firefighters, there were Police, and none of these people is a question?

The family is unable to give explanations of what happened, especially because the forensic data had arrived on the 17th of December. Rosanna explains:

My father had a pacemaker and was made the autopsy. On the 17th of December they will have had a response in this sense. The authorities thought it a good idea to do the parties, so nothing happens, it resumes after hand practice, and then after the holidays we knew that it was my father. With their times, of course. They told me that each office does its bit, and then the times are these.

And even Rosanna says:

When I spoke to legal medicine, I asked how it is possible for something to happen like that. But if you get a body that is not identified there is the curiosity to look if maybe there is a missing person? And they told me that they do not duty to do this, that they do not have the faculty.

Rosanna adds:

I don't know what we will do, we have not made it in time to save my father, we didn't arrive in time, but someone will have to be taken for what happened.

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