Speak PRO: these are wired headphones, reliable and affordable!


Published on Jul 17, 2017


We have had the opportunity to try the headphones Speak PRO MySound, after trying the Speak AIR some time ago. Here are all of our considerations about it. Discover the pros and cons of this type of headphone and try to figure out if the lower price allows us to buy a satisfactory product and reliable.

The headphones MySound Speak PRO headphones really much cheaper as it cost less than 30€. This is a great price considering what is promised by the data sheet and also considering how much we heard in our tests. The Speak PRO have been marketed from this year onwards, albeit submitted to IFA 2016.

The design of these Speak PRO is rather clean and simple, with a choice of materials and soft-like skin for the pavilions, the ability to fold the headphones for transport, adjustable headband with graduated scale and support for the double audio jack. In essence, there are two connectors, one for headphones, that allow us to use a second headset to listen to music with other people in order to share the audio. This feature is called “Sharing”, and may be very convenient, especially by train or plane, maybe even to watch the same movie or the same TV series.

These headphones are wired so don't work wirelessly but only via cable jack 3.5 mm. The quality of the sound and then turns out to be rather high considering the type of headphones, and the range of reference. In short, there is little in this same price with the same quality of sound. Let's put it clear: this is not about audio performance to audiophiles or enthusiasts, but, for the category of reference, the headphones sound very good. The highs are crystal clear and the bass you feel is right. Only the average there appeared to be slightly “blended” at high volumes, but much depends on the genre of music you are playing. Nothing problematic, with a bit of eq and everything goes straight to the right place. In our tests, we were especially pleased by the sound of the product. I would have given this headset a price certainly higher if I had listened to with your eyes closed without knowing the model and specifications.

At the technical level we find a speaker with a 40mm neodymium magnet, impedance of 36Ohm, a sensitivity of 104db+ / -3db, frequency response from 20Hz to 20Khz and a wire worm with jack in aluminum of excellent quality.

Is not missing the microphone, of good quality that allows us to talk on the phone even if not for long data sessions and some small problems clean sound as seen by our stakeholders. Better definitely listening to music, the primary objective of the headset. The command play/pause is handy but not as hoped since there is no dedicated functionality to volume and this causes many problems during the daily use, especially when we don't want to use the smartphone. We can, however, break a lance in favor of this type of choice as it is also the much celebrated and expensive AirPods Apple at the moment does not support the volume controls (the will iOS 11 onwards).

In short, there are no major flaws on the product especially considering the price range. Is certainly not a product professional but is a great accessory to use on a daily basis without getting problems all the time. Economic and reliable. The only limit? One end of the cable, but it is a characteristic that must be evaluated in the product selection phase. Alternatively, MySound has at its disposal the excellent Speak the AIR that we tested some time ago always on

You can find the product on the official website and find out all the details as you evaluate the purchase. You can find below the link to the site, MySound. Headphones Speak PRO are only available in black color.

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