Sour Side: The Berliner Weisse, Cherry Edition of Eastside

Published on Sep 23, 2018

We are fast approaching autumn. Just look outside our windows to see the first leaves yellowed and fallen, the branches of the trees that begin to undress for the months less hot, the evenings cooler and the days shorter. But the days are still warm and it is still time to enjoy a beer, light and refreshing, maybe at the end of a hard day's sightseeing, to relax with a drink fresh and thirst-quenching.

Several times in the past we have identified in the sour style, perfect for this purpose and we will return here today on the subject to speak of the interpretation of Luciano Landolfi and his brewery Eastside Brewing a style that comes from Germany, the Berliner Weisse.

Before focus on the Sour Side, and on one of its versions in particular, let's take a step back and look at the north of Germany, in Berlin but also in Hamburg, which many consider the birthplace of this style so particular, whose name is a registered trademark of the Association of the Brewers of Berlin.

This is a wheat beer (weisse), high fermentation, alcohol content is very low (2.8 or 3%), and from notes of acid, and often sweetened with the syrup of raspberry or woodruff, which has been a great success, especially in 800, when hundreds of breweries in the German city served in abundance.

The brewery of America provides their own interpretation of a Berliner Weisse with a beer, re-fermented and aged in barrel, with a rich, personalized by the addition of fruit: it has existed a version of Peach & Apricot, is in the production of a raspberry, but we tried the Cherry Edition, with the addition of cherries in the dry hopping.

This gives the Sour Side, an intriguing pink color load, which also extends to the head of foam which is, however, very persistent. Inevitable that such an addition is dominant even at the level of smell and of taste, in fact it is clear from the outset, the aroma of cherry, accompanied by the acidity due to lactobacilli and pediococchi.

After an attack in which some of the notes coming from the malts and wheat overlook with delicacy, has the acidity to become the predominant aspect on the palate. A feature that goes perfectly hand-in-hand with the fruitiness of sour cherries, a hint from the syrup of the cherry, and the gas city, which cleans the mouth and emphasizes the simplicity of the drink. All in spite of an alcoholic content of 4.8%, superior to the traditional Berliner Weisse, but managed to perfection to the taste.

For these features, as well as to the body very lightweight, is an ideal choice to accompany a summer cocktail, but also some types of appetizers or desserts (for example cakes, fruits of the forest cheesecake with raspberries or other variations on the theme).

We have already talked about the meticulous care with which the Eastside design your own labels, designed with skill from the chart Roberto Terrinoni, and the Sour Side now is no exception: immediately recognizable, the style of the brewery in the look, in colour and style, choice noticed of the graphic elements that compose the illustration and the grounds, on which stands the cherry characteristic of the beer.

A big step, and for the Sour Side, because with this new label becomes part of the manufactured line regular production at the brewery. A milestone that definitely deserves!

Photo Credit: Erika Sciamanna


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