Souls to the Cinema, the trailer of City Hunter, Private Eyes, and the dates of the next movie


Published on Jul 19, 2019


Nexo Digital e Dynit have defined the next season of the Anime at the Cinema, which was inaugurated from the movie City Hunter: the Private Eyes that the 3, 4 and 5 September 2019 will bring for the first time, the characters created by the master Tsukasa Hojo in the halls of our Country.

Below is the official trailer to the Italian:

CITY HUNTER PRIVATE EYES is, in fact, the new feature film made on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the first airing of the japanese of the famous animated series.
An original story full of new characters, but also of all the old, mythical knowledge that we have learned to love.
City Hunter is the now famous private detective haunted by beautiful women and always on the hunt for criminals. Its headquarters is in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It is from here that the City Hunter and the colleague Kaori are starting their investigations. Their latest customer is a fashion model, To the Shindo, which was threatened by mysterious criminals and unknowingly in the possession of a “key” tied to a conspiracy that involves the entire town. Will Ryo Saeba to protect and to save the whole of Tokyo?

The new season of the Anime at the Cinema will continue with the film Weathering with You " by Makoto Shinkai and Children of the Sea by Ayumu Watanabe, taken from the original manga of Daisuke Igarashi published by Planet Manga in Italy:

The season will continue with the WEATHERING WITH YOU, the new gem of the Master Makoto Shinkai, in the program, only 14, 15 and 16 October. The film sees the protagonist Hodaka that, during the summer of his first year of high school, he runs away from his remote native island and moved to Tokyo. Here, Hodaka will soon face their limits, both financial and personal. The encounter with Hina, a girl, a brilliant and strong-willed who possesses a skill strange and wonderful, it will change, however, the course of events...

To close the season the 2, 3 and 4 December will be CHILDREN OF THE SEA, colossal animation of Studio 4°C, directed by Ayumu Watanabe (Uchuu Kyoudai - Brothers in the Space, After the Rain) and taken from the manga of Daisuke Igarashi. With Kenichi Konishi as director of animation and character designer, CHILDREN OF THE SEA tells the story of Ruka, a high school rebel excluded from the activities of the club of handball for the entire duration of the school holidays. Ruka decides to leave to spend a day in Tokyo. But, at the end of the night, will a strange encounter with Umi and Sora, two foreign guys have grown up between the strange and the extraordinary secrets... Fascinated by their way of swimming, which makes them look like birds flying, Ruka and the adults who know the two are, in spite of themselves, to be a part of a gear bigger than they are. In the meantime, the whole world is shocked by an anomaly never seen before: all the fish are disappearing...

Souls to the Cinema, the trailer of City Hunter, Private Eyes, and the dates of the next movie is




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