Souls Factory announces the release date of Maquia: When the First Flower Blooms


Published on Aug 03, 2019


Through its page Facebook, the official Anime Factory, a label specialized in japanese animation of Koch Media, has announced that the previously announced animated movie Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana or Khazar Mari Okada will be released on home video in October with the title Maquia – we Decorate the Morning of the Farewell, with the Flowers Promised:

#AnimeFactoryIT is proud to announce the #Dvd of the feature film MAQUIA, majestic first work of Mari Okada and animated by P. A. WORKS and embellished by the music of Kenji Kawai.

The appointment is fixed for the month of October, are you ready?

Mari Okada (anohana) has written and directed the film at the studio P. A. Works (Another, Hanasaku Iroha); Kenji Kawai (Devilman OVA, Ghost in the Shell), has composed the soundtrack; Akihiko Yoshida (Bravely Second: End Layer, If: Automata), he conceived the design of the characters adapted for animation by Yuriko Ishii (Kuromukuro, Another); Kazuki Higashiji (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG) has been the artistic director.

The film follows the story of Maquia, a girl forced to flee from the peaceful city of Iorph attacked by enemies who want the secret of the longevity of its inhabitants — centuries-old-looking teenagers. During his wanderings is an infant orphan that decides to grow in spite of the differences in the respective durations of the life...


Souls Factory announces the release date of Maquia: When the First Flower Blooms is




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