Sossio'aruta and Ursula Bennardo: together for the birthday of the Lion King turn the page


Published on Dec 17, 2018


We do not know if Ursula Bennardo and Sossio'aruta will continue to attend Men and Women ( in the last recording seems to not be spoken to them while in the episode of today, December 17, we saw them again dancing together). The two, however, have returned to be a pair, as shown by the photos and videos published on the social and also the words of the two. Marx, in fact, announced that it is going to celebrate her birthday in the snow in the company of a special person, and while Ursula has announced that he will page after a 2018 turbulent, but with the hope that the 2019, the returns the smile. As you know Sossio, a few days ago, he posted on the social photos with his new football team, Grottaglie, a town in the province of Taranto. The demonstration that Marx, this time, is serious and has decided to leave his homeland to play near the home of Ursula and live with her in this tale of love.

Sossio was not made to discourage you and the rest of Ursula, in spite of everything were still in love was really quite clear to all.

And just yesterday, Ursula, posting on a social a photo of the toast, commented with these words the picture that portrays her at the side of his companion:

A toast to those like me who are doing the rewind, 2018 to try to make the best 2019
.. this 2018 for me is a special year...full of emotions ,news,fear,joy and pain,
Smiles,tears ...I believe that it will be so until the last day 😖🤣...
They are agitated and confused, but happy ...
❤... The moment is so...🥂

Apparently, then, Ursula has decided to forgive Sossio, which in recent months has tried to do anything to prove that he was really in love with his “queen”. The pair now will of rest days on the snow, we'll see if the official will communicate this new tale of love.

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