Sossio'aruta and Ursula Bennardo pregnant: the ad Men and Women


Published on Mar 22, 2019


The Throne Over Men and Women is always full of the unexpected and, what is going to be aired in the next point, do not be untrue to these expectations. No, we're not talking about yet another scene to trash between Tina Cipollati, and the lady Gemma Galgani: this time, we are referring to the former american Sossio'aruta and his partner Ursula Bennardo.

After they fell in love between the stools of Men and Women and, after a quarrel, fiercely at Temptation Island VIP, the two are back together... and soon to be three!

According to advances provided by The Vicolo delle News, in one of the next episodes of the Throne Over Men and Women will be in the studio to surprise Sossio'aruta and Ursula Bennardo. Unlike what many think, however, the two did not sit in the usual plastic chairs waiting for their new suitors.

Sossio and Ursura will be Men and Women as special guests: the two announce to be back in love and harmony... but also to be pregnant. That is, the two are expecting a baby (or a girl). And in confirmation of this their new Sossio'aruta and Ursula Bennardo have decided to bring to the court of Maria De Filippi's their first ultrasound.

Remember that both Marx both Ursula are already parents of children born with previous partners, but this new birth could finally mend l stormy relationship that the two have lived in recent months.

According to what transpires from the social profiles of the two boyfriends, in addition, it seems that Sossio'aruta has moved permanently to the home of her girlfriend (also the home of his children). The desire of coexistence and the arrival of a new son may really bring the history of the two former protagonists of the Throne Over Men and Women to a happy end...

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