Sonic – The Movie: the director motivates the absence of a beloved character


Published on Feb 29, 2020


Thanks to the incredible success achieved at the, Sonic – The Film has attracted the attention of the media and, in a recent interview with ComicBook, the director Jeff Fowler has spoken of the absence of one of the icons of the franchise: Knuckles.


“For this film, we looked at the game of ’91, how everything started, and just bringing him on the big screen. Really tries to focus on the birth of the rivalry between Sonic and Dr. Eggman because, I mean, there are great characters in the Sonic universe, but it was crucial to narrate its origins and ensure that his story would make the audience love.

Once this is done, then you would be able to look at the whole franchise and involve the other characters that the fans they love so much. Of course, no one is more excited than me at the idea of having this opportunity,” the words of the director.

Sonic – The Film was a global success, so much so that on Rotten Tomatoes it has realized the beauty of the 95 % of positive opinions, becoming the film inspired a video game with the highest rating.

The numbers would be close to those of the film of a beloved franchise as the Detective Pikachu, as a result definitely surprising given the initial negative opinions about the first design of Sonic. This success reinforces the idea of the Paramount of to start a real series dedicated to the blue hedgehog.

Taken from the series of videogames, Sega, Sonic – the Film tells The story of the hedgehog more fast of the world committed to defend the Earth, his new home, by the genius of evil Dr. Robotnik and his plans to conquer the world.

Ben Schwartz (DuckTales) lends its voice to Sonic, while Jim Carrey (The Mask, Batman Forever, Ace Ventura) plays the antagonist Dr. Robotnik; the cast also includes James Marsden (Westworld, X-Men), Tika Sumpter, Adam Pally, Neal McDonough, Haley Tju and Lee Majdoub.

Sonic – The Movie: the director motivates the absence of a beloved character is




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