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Published on Feb 13, 2020


The blue hedgehog is more loved than ever, the Sonic, arrives on the big screen in a film a mixed technique that sees the scene, in the role of historical villain Dr. Eggman, Jim Carrey.

Initially scheduled for November, the release was delayed to allow the production to change the appearance of the hero, harshly criticized by fans after the release of the first trailer.

With the new design, Sonic is now ready to tear up on the big screen in a film distributed in Italy by 20th Century Fox, with the intention of creating a new film franchise by Paramount Pictures. And attention..stay seated until the end!


Escaped from his native country, the little blue hedgehog by the supersonic speed took refuge on Earth in the quiet Green Hills, trying to go unnoticed, and saddened, however, by the loneliness, soon dissipated in the trouble putting on his tracks as the brilliant, how evil, dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey), equipped with a high-tech arsenal of droids.

Helped by the sheriff of Green Hills, Tom Wachowski (James Marsden), Sonic will run the length and breadth of America fighting against Robotnik (ingolosito by the power of the hedgehog alien), and discovering at last, after a life of solitude, the value of friendship.


Taking advantage of the classic narrative schemes, suitable and always convincing for a film intended for tend to kids, Sonic – The Film manages to create a story of origin, entertaining and sentimental for the beloved blue hedgehog super-fast video game SEGA.

After the many criticisms arrived with the release of the first trailer, Jeff Fowler and the entire production team have had the courage and the humility to make an about-turn, by improving the design of Sonic (clearly popular) and taking more time for the production of a film that, despite its simplicity, entertains, makes you smile and it succeeds, with the due proportions, to excite.

For all the film, Sonic, along with his “partner” human Tom and under the eyes of the viewer discovers, as a child-teenager, the place and the small pleasures of the world, in addition to being of the “light” propellers for the overall plot, show the whole of humanity of this little alien which, from the outset, the audience can become attached to it.

On the other side of the sweet and cute sentimentality of the duo Sonic-Tom we find the Dr. Robotnik, soon renamed Dr. Eggman: shrewd, intelligent, but always to the limit of caricature, the character turned out to be perfect for Jim Carrey, exalting its qualities as a performer.

A choice of cast is perfect, therefore (with Jim Carrey that raise considerably the level of the film), also for the protagonist (with James Marsden's perfectly at ease in the role of “good”); so how excellent is the technical realization is Sonic of his powers, with choices of direction and a well-aimed and non-invasive to emphasize the special effects.

With irony, the right amount of “pathos” and lots of easter eggs related to pop culture and to the world, “nerd”, Sonic – The Film finally brings to the big screen for the franchise to the videogame SEGA, with all the intention of giving beginning to a saga that is able not only to bring a new generation to the blue hedgehog, but also of delighting the old fans.

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