Sonic arrives on the App Store


Published on Mar 17, 2016


IÂ fan of Sonic will be able to play for the first time on the Apple TV thanks to the new game optimized for tvOS.

Starting today, Sonic 1 Is compatible with the Apple TV. Sonic 2 arriverà instead of Thursday 24 and finally, on the 31st of march, toccherà to Sonic CD.

Players who already possess one or piÃ1 between Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and Sonic CD on your iPhone, iPod or iPad can download it on their Apple TV fourth generazione and to rediscover them for free on the television screen.

In this title we have the task of guidare Sonic through dangerous loops and daring descents in search of the Ring (the rings) and the evil Dr. Eggman.

Each level must be completed in the time limit. We have to try to collect the most number of rings and be careful of all the monsters we encounter, and which can be eliminated by jumping over. PiÃ1 move Sonic forward (right) and piÃ1'll go fast; some of the points of the various levels (such as loops) may be exceeded only if achieved a certain speed .

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