Sometimes they come back


Published on Oct 29, 2019


1/5Serenella and Maurizio A. C. Quarello, sometimes they come back, Ear acerbo2/5Serenella and Maurizio A. C. Quarello, sometimes they come back, Ear acerbo3/5Serenella and Maurizio A. C. Quarello, sometimes they come back, Ear acerbo4/5Serenella and Maurizio A. C. Quarello, sometimes they come back, Ear acerbo5/5Serenella and Maurizio A. C. Quarello, sometimes they come back, orecchio acerbo

Well away from the show and altered the drift of the commercial that the Halloween party has taken, sometimes they come back captures the literary aspect the most interesting associated with this day of the dead. A volume that is elegant and perfect that it celebrates in so noble a literary genre, that of the novel and the gothic tale, which sees the now-caricatures snaturanti every where. The pair of brothers Serenella and Maurizio A. C. Quarello, sign, instead, a collection of short stories, carefully selected, translated, and illustrated that return dignity to the genre, giving fans and the curious a glimpse of the exciting of a genre that is complex and rich. 8 stories of 8 different authors between the Nineteenth and the Twentieth century, the golden period of the narrative horror. You will not find rice and mockery, irony and cheerful pumpkins, but bitter laugh, aware, worldly, and coldly, frightened. Also in the history of Jerome Klapka Jerome – a well-known writer of humorous – humor is a part of the air desk, which, however, does not detract from the horror of what is happening and has happened. The horror stories touching the strings psychoanalytic complex, go into the fears that the conscious mind hides and flees, delving into the true gothic literature is a journey into a world where the normal rules are subverted: there is no respect, there is a happiness, the law gives free rein to the tensions, fears, nightmares, and violence. The horror is often linked to dynamics very adult (and sometimes contextualized in time saw the birth stories) and the topics are not certain to be proposed to the children: betrayal, violence, murder, revenge, swearing, illness, death. Why, then, treat yourself to this book?

Because it is an exact documentation of the literary genre, intricate, and engaging in a way almost unique. The different voices that animate this collection by Guy de Maupassant to Edgar Allan Poe, from Oscar Wilde to Tcheng-Ki-tong are able to imprint in the reader a sense of unease, of fear, of oppression, that's very difficult for other genres they can get, and this is because the authors manage to communicate a content of horror, presented in masterly descriptions, accurate silences, perfect climax, disturbing, contexts and normal figures.

Missing scenes bloody, but it is the echo of the tales in the stories, is the suspense of those who imagine and those who listen to them to keep on the edge of the tremor of readers: terror is a very adventurous, but is based on the sighs, the secrets and the legends. It's very rich in texture intertextual, perhaps, less evident to the eyes of the Italian readers, given the great success at the american and English cultures, but the hunting infernal dantean memory will not escape the eyes to be more careful.

Among the famous spots of blood on the floor and moors, where they are dismembered wayfarers, cemeteries, animated from the dead, who do not dare to lie and lovers are sacrificed by women cruel, royal courts of deformity, and spirits of the cruel you will not be able to sleep easily.

The volume is presented in the form of a stately and distinct: the pages that you lean gently under the weight of the paper, the illustrations magnificent, framed in white picture frames modern, rigorous, lettering, highlighting the key passages of the text, without ever yielding to the tone shouted. The style of Maurizio A. C. Quarello could not be more evocative, and consistent: terrible, frightening and yet so real, normal. Never discounted, among other things, the subjects chosen, the moments caught in passing, a little before or a little after that starts the horror.

A book valuable and magnificent, readings, gothic boys over 10 years old and for adults.

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