Sofia of the Ocean, a fairy tale for all ages – Review

Published on Mar 31, 2018

The sea is a mystical force, something unexplainable, unfathomable, which makes it the theatre, perfect for an adventure. Novels, comic books and movies have used the oceans as the setting for their charm, and in the last week I had the good fortune to read two graphic novels that have been able to live up to this ideal: first, The old man and the sea, and now Sofia of the Ocean.

The beautiful volume published by Tunuè attracted me not only for its tone deliberately fairy-tale, but mainly because his story was written by one of the most interesting young writers of our panorama comics: Marco Nucci.

Marco is what I would describe as a multi-faceted, and can range not only on different narrative genres, but also on different media. In the last few months we felt for his new adventure in the world of mobile game, I read her The lair of Zodor and interesting on The third day, published by Sergio Bonelli Editore in the series of Stories.

The distinctive feature of the Mark is the know how to give entirely to the reader, a tacit and and cordial relationship in which the author promises a unique story, that at the end of the reading leaves you with that feeling of having taken part in a unique adventure, unforgettable.

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Sofia of the Ocean is, in this sense, perhaps the work most successful so far of the Mark. And the factor of difficulty was quite high, since the center of the plot we have a blend of fairy tale and story of adventure. Combine the two elements so familiar and yet solid is not easy, but Nucci, assisted by the wonderful designs of the Kalina Muhova, has achieved the impossible. Like the heroes of fairy tales.

In the volume of Tunuè have space for the fantasies of the dynamics between the children and the search for a moral support of the adults, making Sofia of the ocean, a graphic novel that I would call ‘family‘. Because la familia is one of the themes, which is that of blood, where we are sometimes misunderstood, that that in which we choose to be, composed of kindred souls and his companions.

The adventures of Sofia, a young girl who is sick and without friends, is a warning for adults, and an invitation to the children to take their time, to not be in a hurry to grow up. There is a poetry in the pages of Sofia the ocean that seems to spring from the volume to wrap.

The sweetness of the little protagonist is at times poignant, as was perfectly portrayed. Nucci gives to his heroine and the stubbornness and fragility of the children, frightened by the unknown yet unconsciously driven to challenge him, looking for an adventure.

The spirit of this exciting story is an emanation of those classics of children's literature who have raised generations of young dreamers, like Treasure island or Pinocchio, a work of love of authors who appeared in some of the small gifts inside the story.

But in reading Sofia the Ocean I tried again those feelings that had made me fall in love Twenty thousand leagues under the seas. It is not only the obvious setting common to the work of jules Verne, or the presence of a submarine, but the narrative tone of Nucci and the unique vision of Kalina Muhova. The ocean depths are a world unknown and fascinating, the perfect backdrop for a unique adventure in which a little girl becomes a heroine, flanked by a crew of wacky and wonderful characters, following the classic procedure of the great successes in maritime.

The stretch of the designer has been a revelation. To be able to keep the tone mild and delicate in this story was essential, and Kalina has been able to bring in his plates, the whole depth of the plot, enriching it with a personal that brings out the emotion. Leafing through the pages I had the feeling to see the engravings that were part of the adventure novels of the late ‘800, visas, however, with the curiosity and the gracefulness of a child.

Yet, the eye adult cannot ignore that incredibilità humanity that transpires from the looks of the characters, that sense of profound union that encompasses an embrace of a child frightened by the dark or the comic pride of a young girl that gets her the name of an adventurer!

But then Sofia of the ocean is a comic strip from children? Yes, but not only.

Marco Nucci has the gift of knowing how to speak simultaneously to both young people and adults, by entering, almost surprisingly, little pearls of wisdom that may give a teaching to the children, but also to remind us adults how to deal with the problems of each day.I hit this capacity, I confess. I was there that I followed the first steps of a great adventure for a little girl, and here's the first burst

Stop turning back go ahead, Sofia...

Useful advice for a child, but a delicate way of reminding us adults how the past does not have to foreclose on our roads in the future. And Mark inserts of these little messages, with the same delicacy with which a friend might speak to us in a moment of difficulty, offering us support.

But above all, ringrazierei Marco, for having granted to Sofia to reveal a secret essential

Thanks for putting me in difficulty, that the easy stuff does not teach us anything, according to me.

Tunuè has once again hit the mark with a graphic novel beautiful, confirming that the publishing house knows how to offer its readers a rich catalog, and suitable for all tastes. Sofia of the ocean, in fact, is a volume that deserves to be part of our collection, one of those stories to be reread in moments of weakness, to remind us that we all have to face on that great adventure called life.


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