Social media marketing between UGC and algorithms: a review of the book-the truth about marketing


Published on Mar 19, 2018


There is contrast, but only apparent, between the title of the book Social Media Marketing between the UGC and the algorithms, written by Alessandro de Luyk of the different types of Cubs, and those that are then the contents of this brick, which runs for 350 pages. To see the contrast and double the total. On the one hand, there are a title that is highly overused as a Social Media Marketing and the length of the work, but on the other hand, there are not only new content but also the approach is completely new and almost revolutionary compared to the canons, the literal current.

The books of marketing, social or not social this counts for little, you always develop according to the same diagram from the manual. The repetitiveness of the pattern is so pronounced that these texts manualistici necessarily need a title to differentiate. Well, Social Media Marketing between UGC and algorithms Alessandro de Luyk does not need a title of awesome for the emergence of its contents for the simple fact that its content is the real ace in the sleeve. It is for this reason that the undersigned believes that Social media marketing between UGC and algorithms can be included among the best books on social marketing.

A title so elementary it is also a sort of jack of knowledge of what are the rules of this world. So if you think you are seems to affirm the author when he puts black on white, not the usual rules from the manual but the whole truth about a world that only accepts the accessions and the maximum analytical study (which is what the multi-talented Alexander proves to be perfectly able to do). This review on the book Social Media Marketing by Alessandro De Luyk wants to be an invitation to read because this volume really deserves it.

The author of the book Alessandro De Luyk during the presentation of the work

But what this book is about Social Media Marketing between UGC and algorithms? Anything more than that is simply this world, and then from the selfie to the Used-Generated Content, from social commerce to the up to care of the content. These are the issues that are the daily bread for companies, professionals and users. The strength of the work lies in the way we talk about these topics. De Luyk, in fact, faithful to its very nature, focuses on a multidisciplinary approach, and makes no steps back when it comes to highlighting the many facets and aspects that are still unknown to most.

The rest, only taking a multidisciplinary approach it is possible to grasp that which is the great transformation underway. Marketing is dead, but long live the new marketing. Today is a marketing result of the combination of culture, technology and society. It is from this synthesis that can be grasped only by taking a multidisciplinary approach that arise with Social Media Marketing but also SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

The title of the work appears a road acronym UGC stands for User Generated Content-Content Generated by Users. This acronym was simply unthinkable until a few years ago. It is a curse on the earth because according to a certain culture, the content can be generated only by one who is expert content. In the book Social Media Marketing takes note of the epochal change that has occurred on this issue. There are no more zones that are off-limits, recognizes the author, because in the era of UGG, creative professionals, and the public participate in both the creation of the content.

Everything is confused and mixed, also thanks to the principle of democratisation, which characterises this new world. In practice, and it is here that the true revolution, it is not written anywhere that a brilliant idea has to come from the creative profession. The old labels are set below the clocks of a certain Italian culture has been the maximum expression have given way to the world of UGC. The new creative does not have exclusive idea, but co-create value.

The evolution of the role of the creative is a page of a wider technological revolution in the act. Also on this point the author does not discount. The innovative strength of the technology is transformed into a force distruptiva. There are a lot of potential in that future which is already present but it is not easy to take advantage of them by taking an approach that is already too old. This talk concerns not only the companies but also what is upstream of them, i.e. the economic disciplines that before the power distruptivo of the internet no longer has not only the right analysis to propose but she has not the adequate words to talk about it.

We are at a turning point today relates to the marketing as decades and decades ago, covering the world of physics. A phenomenon of obsolescence makes the words of the marketing inadequate and unsuitable in the face of the forward like a steamroller of the algorithms.

Algorithm is one of the words for hot (keyword) of the volume of De Luyk. Also on this point the author does not make discounts when it says that we got just the appetizer for what awaits us. An appetizer that will be put to the fire from the man in the future, when i.e. the distrupzione of which internet carrier you will come to a new step. The machine is now in motion, and probably has the path just a few metres of a route a long which will be punctuated by the algorithms ever more elaborate that will mature without a precise human will in this sense. It is at this point that the volume of De Luyk exits from the segment of purely internet and enter that of robotics, and the evolution of human relationships and between man and machine. Because one thing is certain: the machines will no longer be confined behind the scenes of Facebook or Google but it will be between us.

Certainly, and here the work of De Luyk takes a leap theme by navigating to the sociological analysis (a word that was improper that I take the license to use, waiting for a new word to define the relationship between geographical areas, and technology), it is not conceivable that all the world will be carried to the new world. Thinking in regional areas, there are areas that have an engine already run in and the others who are simply users of what is designed from the first.

It is no mystery that the world in North america plays a crucial role in the definition of new relationships. It is not a mystery that many other countries are only consumers of changes that happen elsewhere, but it's not even a mystery that may not even make sense to talk about countries in a similar world. So if you think you are is a top piece that gives a good idea, according to the undersigned, and of what happens today.

Buy a book on social marketing with Alessandro de Luyk is useful? To answer this question, I suggest you consult the site where is present also the complete index of the work here if nothing else to whet the curiosity of the reader:

From analog photography to selfie, from the fans to influencers; UGC, User-Generated Content; Social Media and Social Networks; Platforms used to produce and distribute UGC; Content Curation; From the Purchase Funnel to the Customer Decision Journey; Social Media Monitoring and Listening; Social Commerce. Each chapter a keyword in order not to lose the train of a marketing completely new.

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