Snapchat offers the first lens face that take advantage of the cameras TrueDepth of the iPhone X


Published on Apr 06, 2018


Snapchat has launched a set of three new lenses exclusive for iPhone X, whose quality and accuracy is still higher than all the other thanks to the use of the cameras TrueDepth.

Taking advantage of the system TrueDepth of the iPhone X, these lenses offer an even more realistic result in the overlay, with a perfect fit with the face of the user.

The new lenses facial will include a mask, Mardi Grass, the face of Day of the Dead painting with a headdress of flowers, and a mask with ornaments pink. The three masks can be used only by someone who has an iPhone X.

Unlike the traditional lenses of Snapchat that are based on the information of the camera 2D of the smartphone to recognize the main features of the face, like the eyebrows and the mouth, the lenses for the iPhone X link to data produced by the cameras TrueDepth. The 3D information on the depth of the face allow Snapchat to fix more precisely the virtual objects on the face of a subject.

Thanks to the system TrueDepth, also, the masks reflect the surrounding light in a more realistic way and add a touch of blur to the background.

Snapchat had shown for the first time, lenses for iPhone X during the event of September and it is now finally possible to use them.

With this move, Snapchat becomes one of the few apps to take advantage of the system of cameras of the iPhone X. Currently, Apple strictly limits the access of developers to the system TrueDepth. In particular, the mathematical representation of the face of a user, used for authentication, Face ID, is kept protected and remains inaccessible to third parties. The app can access the data of visual mapping generated by TrueDepth, as well as a series of 50 facial expressions are different, one of which feeds the function Animoji Apple.

Apple in its agreement with the developers says that the data related to faces can not be used for advertising, marketing, or the generation of user profiles.

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