Small illness live in the Italian Stories the partner of Sergio Arcuri: too many emotions


Published on Sep 11, 2019


Sergio Arcuri and his wife Valentina were the protagonists of the episode of the Italian Stories in the air today 11 September 2019. The two have spoken of the pregnancy, these months full of love and concern for what will be the future of their family. So many emotions in reviewing the images of this love and the beautiful Valentina has been suffering from a slight illness in the course of direct. Perhaps a small matter of pressure, or perhaps a dizziness caused by the heat of the studio lights. Valentina ran for a few seconds to drink a bit of water while Eleonora Daniele reassured everyone that there were no problems for the girl. After a movie and a few minutes break, Valentina was back in the studio where he went on to talk about his history with Sergio.

The two are very happy together and are even planning the wedding. Their love was overwhelming, and even if the relationship started a long time ago the feeling is so great to have them brought to conceive the fruit of their love.

Now lacks very little at the birth of their child, and the two tell of how Manuela Arcuri, the sister of Sergio, interests a lot to the creature that is about to arrive. The love of an aunt is important and they have the support of the actress who was a sort of cupid in this report since Sergio and Valentina are known thanks to Manuela.

The two have also announced the name chosen for the baby: it will be called Nicole.

“Missing a month, we are doing a course pre childbirth, also because I will assist in the operating room – says Sergio – I should cut the umbilical cord, but I don't know if I'll be able to do so. I hope I hold, but many of my friends have told me that it is not so simple. What is certain is that I want to be with her, for strength .”

Valentina also speaks of the relationship with Manuela Arcuri and explains: : “Manu is quite excited and gives me lots of supports, lots of advice, can not wait, We asked for right from the start when we will have a child. My mother-in-law is a wonderful woman, I love it, is a friend and when you fight with Sergio is always by my side and I'm delighted. Maybe she also has a daughter, and will put you in my shoes” .

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