Slideshow announces the action figure of Darth Vader life-size!

Published on May 05, 2017

The Force flows powerful in this action figure of Darth Vader 1:1 scale proposed by Slideshow

Just yesterday we saw the first images of the new action figures of Princess Leia Hot Toys and, behold, as soon as we talk about his daughter, check in all his glory of the father Darth Vader with this incredible figures to life-size!

Slideshow Collectibles in collaboration with Legacy Effects, has unveiled the first images of the official replica of Darth Vader in the room 1:1, an impressive action figure that exceeds 2 metres in height and that will wow all the Star Wars fans and collectors and more fans.

The Dark Lord of the Sith has been faithfully reproduced in every detail, so much so that the resemblance to the original is practically perfect!

His iconic helmet inspire fear and respect, only looking at it, the costume and the mantle have been masterfully hand-stitched, while the panel in the center of the chest lights up like in the reality!

The action figures of natural size, which you can see in the beautiful photos below, reproduces the more classical position of what once was Anakyn Skywalker: hands resting on the belt to which is attached the Lightsaber of the one who by many is considered to be the villan most famous of all time!

Resting on an equally accurate and detailed pedestal, this action figure that we can safely promote to the rank of a statue of celebration, it becomes even more massive and impressive considering its size: 234 cm high, 107 cm wide and 68.5 cm in depth, the numbers that make the protagonist and the envy and perfect of movie theatres, auditoriums, theme, exhibitions, and of course, burrows nerds of a certain level.

In fact, this monumental figure is for sale at modest, that is to say, the amount of 8.900 dollars, a little over 8000 euros at the current exchange rate. Adherents and followers of the dark side of the Force do not despair because, for all of you who have been struck by such a wonder, Slideshow required to make payment in convenient monthly instalments to be able to bring home their Lord of the Sith staff.

The action figure of Darth Veder will be available starting in December 2017, but it is already possible to pre-order breakfast on the official website of the Slideshow.

If you are not yet ready to make a step, you can always take a look at our gift guide for the fan of Star Wars, maybe you can find something more suitable to your pockets that might, in some way, distract your attention from this figures, even if, let's face it, Darth Vader is forever!

What do you think? Please let us know with a comment below!

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