Slender Man: the first scary trailer for the new film

Published on Jan 03, 2018

Slender Man abandons the creepy pasta and the gaming world for terrorizzarvi on the big screen through the first trailer provided by IGN First.

In the video, which you will find in the footnotes, it is clear the care with which the director has tried to transpose the various stories and legends that surround the figure with the terrifying Slender Man, especially with regard to the factor with which the “victims” were attacked, especially on a psychological level, as if it were a kind of possession or invasion of parasites.

At the moment there is no date regarding the release of such a film, but according to the video, we can be assured that it will arrive soon, very soon.

IGN First: Watch the exclusive first trailer for @SlenderManMovie, scaring its way into theaters May 18! #CanYouSeeHim

— IGN (@IGN) January 3, 2018

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