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Published on Dec 12, 2017


Punctual as taxes, here in the libraries, Sleeping Beauties, the new Stephen King novel, written in tandem with his son Owen, published as always by dudes, Sperling & Kupfler. I suffered a premise not absolutely necessary: I am a kinghiano of steel, the King has played and plays a crucial role in my cultural background, among my (many) novels favorites include several titles of his bibliography and I think he's the best writer living.This to put on the alert anyone who read this review: this review is absolutely not objective, not impartial. Is the review of a (excuse the term) fan.

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It seems a day like any other in the quiet and sleepy town of Dooling, where it seems to never happen nothing. The psychiatrist Clint Norcross begins his work in the female prison of the city, while his wife, Lila, the sheriff of Dooling, preparing to sleep. His resolutions are disturbed by a call: a brutal double murder was committed, and the culprit seems to be a woman. And it is in a woman that he encounters Lila, a woman naked from the waist down who says his name is Evie. In the while, the media began to spread the news of a mysterious epidemic that seems to affect only women: they will fall asleep and not wake up.

But will this really happen? The unfortunate men the task of finding it out by giving them the kiss of the beautiful sleeping.

The two King, father and son, write a novel that speaks to women. Already this was enough to some gaia critical to stigmatize the entire work with an adapt to the politically correct prevailing these days. Over about what is meant by "politically correct" (definition to now be abused and used for any thought that is not of the belly), is to say that Stephen King has always spoken of the women in all his novels.

Above all, always spoke of women as victims of the abuses of the society.

Who can forget Carrie, the protagonist of the eponymous novel, that has given him success, or the majestic Beverly Marsch of IT, or King of History King? Women indimentabili, all marked, in one way or another, from the domination of the vision of the male society. Stephen and Owen opens the novel transports us in a quiet town where abuse on women is the order of the day, abuse that not only affect the physical appearance and violent, but penetrate more deeply and enter into the mind, conditioning the thinking and the acting.

From this point of view, Sleeping Beauties fits in the purest tradition of horror King: the horror is not the monsters or zombie killers, but rather that normal human beings, that of the daily reality in which we are immersed, one in which, if a man has many women is considered to be a skillful seducer, while if a woman has many men is treated as a prostitute, the one where a man can afford all the costs are crazy but who wants to, while a woman is seen as reckless if it uses a portion of their savings for personal reasons.

The monsters are us, the ancient motto of the King, is, if possible, more real and terrifying than ever in this Sleeping Beauties. How can one remain indifferent in the face of abuses committed by guards against defenceless prisoners of the women's prison of Dooling, for example? The father and son grab the reader by the collar and throw it there where the horror is more terrifying than ever, that is, when a human being abuses of a similar unable to defend themselves.

And after you have investigated along with the themes of the Sleeping Beauties, here's a couple of final considerations.

In the last decade, King has accustomed us to a production a little choppy. They range from large works such as The Dome, 22/11/63, dark Night and no stars and The bazaar of bad dreams, until the depths, as Dr. Sleep (in the opinion of the writer, the more bad novel of King or Mr. Mercedes. Here, perhaps, the hand of the son, we return to great levels with a beautiful an horror reinterpretation of classic fairy tales, especially Sleeping beauty. We are facing a novel beautifully written with the usual mastery that explains once again why Stephen King is one of the most widely-read authors and best-loved of the planet.

Of course, the deus ex machina of the story (the epidemic of sleep) pays a pledge huge to that of another Stephen King novel, or The shadow of the scorpion, but is just a sin venal, given that we are faced with a work of remarkable quality.The style of the King is to dry the latter works, while the contribution of the son, a writer in his time, is especially noticeable in the novel is forwarded, when the thriller/horror home has evolved into a dark fantasy in dark colours.

You are avid readers of the King? Make your own this book and read it all in one breath. You're not avid readers of the King? Always do your own this book and read it all in one breath. You are the ones to which women should be considered lucky if you men allow them to take a coffee with a friend? Always do your this book, read it all in one breath and, possibly, let's see a very good one.




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