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Published on Jul 20, 2018


After A Spy, and Half a spy, and a fourth: yes, because this time, after having saddled the handicap of a friend accountant-mess with the likeness of Kevin Hart in 2016, Rawson Marshall Thurber, this time to Dwayne Johnson steals a leg to sostituirgliela with a prosthetic avant-garde. Will change little, because The Rock is always The Rock (you will play on the emphasis of physical impairment only once, and also with good results to be honest: it's a shame, you could definitely do better from this point of view) and that is to defy the perils of the jungle, cataclysms by the end of the world or scimmioni the giants, at the end of the check always.

This time we will have to deal even with a skyscraper, but a skyscraper to be the tallest building ever built by man, three times the Empire State Building, the most exaggerated of the Burj Khalifa, known by the name of The Pearl because of the circular structure situated on the summit (that inside it hides a technological apparatus displays, to 8k put there it's not clear to what, if we exclude the quote to the famous ending sequence of The Lady from Shanghai by Orson Wells). Then man vs architecture, hero vs palace, on the false line of what has already been seen in – in sequence – The towering Inferno by John Guillermin and Irwin Allen (1974), Die Hard by John McTiernan (1988) and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol by Brad Bird (2011), where the famous scene, which saw Tom Cruise climb (without a stunt, of course), the palace of Dubai here is traced by Dwayne Johnson in the style of MacGyver (and in computer graphics, and clear).

Will Sawyer is a former FBI agent, who lost a leg during a police action. Years later, Will is the leader of insurance company who inspects and checks the safety of skyscrapers around the world, and with his family went to Hong Kong for the inauguration of the most advanced skyscraper in the history of man, the mega-structure The Pearl, born from the visionary mind of architect Zhao Long Ji (Chin Han, who already by the time de The Dark Knight had the fixed barricarsi in the skyscrapers of Hong Kong).

On that same day, however, terrorists take control of the tower, sparking a fire that will endanger his wife and two small children of the protagonist, who must do everything to be able to save them.

The film knows how to be funny (despite the action scenes are very botched love affairs, and rebuilt in the assembly phase, a signal of insecurity to a director) and as mentioned above, also surprisingly tender, at least in that one time that you remember playing on handicap of the protagonist (it was necessary to focus more on one weakness of this "superman" is absolutely free of defects!!) but exactly how the skyscraper, which is the context of the story Thurber tip too high, ambendo even to tell a story from a drama family absolutely free of emphasis and suspense; of the rest we know from the first shot that everything will be resolved for the better, because this (super) hero of the box office whose art name says it all, he never loses.

Obviously, this is the chinese public does not know, because in the film the citizens of Hong Kong will follow with great interest and utmost concern the climb to the flames of this father, tenacious, enters your lungs when you finally able to hug his loved ones (as happens in the control mission of the american movies). We hope at least that the moviegoers oriental demonstrate the same enthusiasm of the extras of the movie and they fill the rooms of their movie, given that in the States Skyscraper has not collected a penny. And it is not difficult to understand why.

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