Skype you update: call recording and video calling for iOS and Android


Published on Sep 05, 2018


After various tests and the collection of the final data, Skype adds the feature of recording calls on all major platforms.

If you want to record a call on Skype from now on you can do it! The tests are finished, have been successfully completed throughout the month of July and August, and Microsoft has distributed the new function by updating the applications for the main operating systems that most used: Android, iOS, and standard application (EXE) to install on the WIndows Desktop. We make this clarification because the App compiled as a UWP (who can be also downloaded from the Store Windows 10) will be short but, at the moment, it is not included in the first trance of operating systems.

But, where it records the audio and/or video to the program? If you are not interacting with it will save everything on the cloud, in such a way to meet the audio and/or video distributed on our account, that maybe is also configured on other terminals. The files however are kept for 30 days and then are automatically deleted, giving us all time to download them and keep a copy offline.

To start a recording, nothing more simple:

When a recording ends, there will be no need to go looking for it anywhere. This will be the inside of the screen with the person (or with other people if it's a group video call) and you will be able to interact in order to share it, delete it, download it locally, etc. All the platforms listed at the beginning of the article already have the function available, and if you haven't yet, make sure that Skype is updated to the latest version.

For iOS, for example, just click here.

Source: iMore

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