Skip the Meadows Gate-to-True, the University “delete” in the Meadows. Barbara d'urso will avoid talking about it?


Published on May 01, 2020


Yesterday evening we talk a lot about what was the reaction of Pamela Prati to the announcement, in anticipation of the True, back in the stories from the program, in the episode of 2 may, the Meadows Gate. The show girl had not taken it at all well the news much to write a post ( which he then deleted, but clicking here you can read in detail) to invite the program to stop using her story to make you listen. According to the rumors reported by Dagospia, very True, should not be the only program to give space to the Meadows Gate. Barbara d'urso in his Live, could return to talk of the affair. May 8, 2019, we were all with the breath on hold because of the marriage of the Meadows, with his Mark Caltagirone, who was never celebrated. A year later, the Mediaset programs would rivoluto retrace the heroic deeds of the protagonists of this story, but apparently, after the words of the Meadows, on the social, things have changed.

The preparation of True and Silvia University have decided not to talk about what happened a year ago and to give up to give space to the story linked at the Meadows. I write a message on the social.

After the words of the Meadows, on the social, the drafting of Verissimo has decided to erase that moment from the episode. Here is the message on the social:

No interview of Pamela Prati. Just say it to us! We do not need the Lady Meadows to make True.


The hashtag used for this message, there is enclosed the whole of the irony of writing True. It was in fact the first message that the Meadows and Caltagirone were exchanged.

As reported by Dagospia, after the decision of True, even for Live-is Not the d'urso things could change. In the program by Barbara d'urso, according as it anticipates Dagospia, Eliana Michelazzo and Pamela Perricciolo, a year after the fattacci, may be the protagonists, to tell what happened in these months. But in view of the decision of True, Live may decide not to give space to this story. What will happen? We'll find out Sunday evening.

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