Skewers of green peppers

Published on Jul 30, 2019

The skewers of green peppers are a funny and original idea for a delicious appetiser and tasty, after seeing a picture on Facebook I immediately are put to work to replicate this dish. Perfect for a sit-down dinner or buffet, these skewers are nice to see and definitely good to eat. For a touch of extra colour you can add a half a cherry tomato, but to me they are already beautiful so, try to believe 😉
The skewers of green peppers are simple to make and are really tasty, try the recipe and will give me reason 😛


First clean the chiles by removing the stem and seeds.

Wash them well under running water, then sauté garlic and oil in a large non-stick frying pan, add the chillies, salt and cook, turning often to cook and brown evenly.

Drain on absorbent paper, then prepare the skewers: start with the basil (washed and dried), then red pepper, mozzarella cheese and back pepper.

The skewers of green peppers are ready, serve immediately!


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