Siri is a personalized experience that does not treat the user like a product, word of Greg Joswiak


Published on Sep 11, 2017


We are almost close to the highly anticipated Keynote presentation of Apple, scheduled for tomorrow at 19 at the Steve Jobs Theater, and the wait is obviously the star in view of the presentation of the new iPhone. You avvina but also the release of iOS 11, and Greg Joswiak, vice president of marketing, Apple, speaks about Siri in an interview to several american newspapers.

For a long time it was thought that the major obstacles to the implementation of Siri were dictated by issues related to the privacy of the users, but according to the manager privacy, respect for user data, and the artificial intelligence can find a point of cohesion, without the user being able to feel in some way a tool or a product.

Many of the features of Siri, in fact, are carried out on the device, with some tasks delegated to Apple's servers. Cupertino makes use of the cloud to provide the answers and to improve their performance, but during these requests (that are clearly encrypted by the system) is not transmitted any ID of the applicant, be replaced with one generated at random.

All the queries of the users are maintained in the copy on the server for six months in order to provide answers more satisfactory to the users, with a second copy of the backup history for two years in order to improve the same narrator. All this, as said by the same Joswiak, “leaving out the identifiers to avoid ties with specific users, so as to improve the machine learning algorithms in the cloud without knowing the origin of such information”

Also the same Craig Federighi, vice president of the software division of Apple, has claimed in an interview claiming how Siri is no longer just a normal narrator, but an artificial intelligence on-device real, who accompanies you each day and that with the next generation software will be brought to a new level.

Please note that it is possible to read the interviews integral to the executives at this link.


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