Siri imagined in a new, wonderful concept: the narrator marries the multitasking


Published on Aug 06, 2018


Siri, while you are using another application, it is not the maximum of comfort. This is because the screen of the narrator takes up the whole screen, not allowing you to do more. A user has created an interesting concept of Siri, which is much more useful and less invasive in multitasking.

Created by Kévin Eugène and shared about UX Design, the concept called iOS Mogi shows in a detailed way such as Siri and multitasking could work in perfect harmony in future versions of iOS. This is how the designer describes it as “parallel help”, the basic idea of the concept:

In iOS Mogi, Siri has been made with a basic idea which I call parallel help. The idea is that of having a voice assistant is more discreet (that doesn't take up the whole screen as it does today), that can perform actions for the user while the latter is doing something else.

The concept Mogi includes many images and GIF detailed that show the many ways in which parallel help could improve the user experience on iOS, and here we show you some.

In this first example, Siri is invoked to search for an image to insert in a conversation on the iMessage. In the second example, the same voice command, and the result can be “minimized” and re-consulted in other applications:

Eugène is noted that an integration such as that conceived by him between Siri and iOS could really differentiate Apple's devices from the competition: "I think that the creation of a Siri-non-invasive, can be useful for several reasons and this could make the real difference with the competition, thanks to its deep integration in iOS".

Below is an example of how Siri could improve the multitasking on the basis of events on the calendar and in the program for your own position:

Another addition really useful in this concept is the possibility of being able to see a list of objects recently saved by Siri:

Eugène has also thought of other additions for a possible renewal of Siri. If you are interested, we invite you to take a look at this link.

I like this concept of Siri? Improve really the multitasking experience on iOS? Have your say in the comments.

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