Sinisa mihajlovic Mihajlovic: do the messages of the vip, friends and supporters


Published on Jul 15, 2019


Following the announcement of the terrible illness that struck him

In the last few hours, bad news has shaken the world of Italian football. Sinisa mihajlovic Mihajlovic, a former professional footballer for the Serbian, who has played in Rome, Sampdoria, Lazio and Inter, and who has coached ac Milan, Catania, Fiorentina currently sits on the bench of Bologna, announced to be fighting against a bad illness.

During a press conference, sinisa mihajlovic has clarified once and for all the reasons that has led in recent months to having to leave his team: leukemia. “I have leukemia and will fight. I'll do it for my wife, for my family, for the one who loves me” these are the words of the technician.

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Since that time, many of his colleagues, rivals, and friends wanted to send the ex-footballer messages of closeness, and best wishes for a speedy recovery and, in general, any positive message could make him feel less alone in their struggle. Francesco Totti has posted on his profile on Instagram a nice photo of him with the technical and has written: “I will struggle and will rejoice with you, because it will be a victory. Force Sinisa Mihajlovic.”

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Other messages are then also arrived on the part of artists and singers of the origins of bologna. Gianni Morandi wrote: “Dear sinisa mihajlovic, the news struck me deeply. Today, listening to your words I am moved by your courage and your determination. I know that you will do it! I hug you strong.” “Force Sinisa Mihajlovic! Not only Bologna, but throughout Italy is with you.” these are the words chosen by Cesare Cremonini.

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