Simona Mogavino: interview with the author of Eleonora (Mondadori Comics) – Lucca Comics & Games 2017


Published on Nov 18, 2017


We meet Simona Mogavino to the stand, Mondadori Comics, the author of the book, Eleanor – Queen of England – our review here – it's friendly and joking with everyone, colleagues and fans, while we are going to ask a few questions right on his latest effort.

MF: Hi Simona welcome!

SM: Hello! and thanks to you for the wonderful review of Eleonora!

MF: you are in Lucca this year, with the second volume dedicated to Eleonora, who is part of the series " Les reines de sang of Delcourt. Can you tell us how is born your passion for Eleonora?

SM: The interest came about after reading the biography of this queen, which I read in the circumstances tragicomic because my work has always been the restorer of painting, and in 2008, while restauravo the dome of a church in my back, which has sold... I was emergency surgery and I was immobilized in bed for about 6 months and I had not much to do, and I have taken refuge in reading. Until a day arrives my mother-in-law with this biography of Eleanor... after reading it I decided to write a synopsis, after about a year I accompany my husband [Alessio Lapo, Ed.] – that draws, and he works regularly in France – the Festival of Saint Malo, and there I had the opportunity to talk with one of the publishers Delcourt, with whom I start talking about Eleanor, to make a long story short a month after I signed the contract that led me to work for them.

Initially it was planned only 3 volumes, but because of the success they decided to extend it until the sixth volume and create the series " Les reines de sang, which in France is going very strong!

MF: How have you documented for the character of Eleanor?

SM: The main source remains the Eleanor of Aquitaine of Regine Pernoud, who was one of the greatest historical in the world, of course then I have added other information from other sources, not only on paper... regarding the graphics part, I was very lucky because I was accompanied by Carlos [Gomez – the designer of the volume, Ed.] which, besides being a great designer has been in gambissima in the search for sources to help him from the point of view of the graph. In addition, there was Arnaud [Delalande – the cosceneggiatore volume, Ed.] who is a writer of historical novels who helped me with the language, especially...

MF: your collaboration has been conditioned by the need to adhere to historical fact? and how much is fiction in the book?

SM: All the events, everything you read really happened but, of course, it's all a bit fictional, the only concession I made was to create a fictional character of this knight of the Italian name Vincenzo, it reminds me a little Dago because I'm a fan and always have been.

MF: we Close with the obvious question: where will we see you in the near future?

SM: I have a lot of projects that almost not I can handle them! I can say however, that I have signed a contract with Glenat for diptych that speaks of the Knight of Éon, which will be designed by my husband Alessio Lapo, always for Glenat I signed up for a project that will start next year which has yet to be announced is always the topic of town with great writers and artists.

Then Delcourt instead I will be working with a concept created by the Richemond – the screenwriter of " The Throne of Clay – composed of 4 diptychs, 2 written by me and I will return on one of these to work with Carlos Gomez.


Simona Mogavino: interview with the author of Eleonora (Mondadori Comics) – Lucca Comics & Games 2017 is




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