Silvia Roman back free: announces the Premier Count on the social


Published on May 09, 2020


News Flash-good news comes at a time when there is really no need to hope, to smile again. Silvia Roman was released. Two years have passed from when it was seized. A few hours ago, however, the good news. The premier Earl by social gave the news: Silvia Roman back free.

The young cooperating milanese was kidnapped in November 2018 in the village of Chakama, 80 kilometres from Malindi, while working for the charity ‘Africa Milele’.

Here is the message Count on social:

Silvia Romano has been released! I thank the men and women of the intelligence services external. Silvia, we wait you in Italy!

The young man, a native of Milan, he worked for the onlus marche Africa Milele work in the county of Kilifi, Kenya, where he was a project to support children with children in an orphanage.

After the words of the Count on social also those of Luigi di Maio:

I wanted to give you a good news. Silvia Romano is free. The State does not leave behind anyone.

A big hug to his family. And thanks to our intelligence, the Aise and in particular, to the foreign ministry and to all those who have worked.

The family of Silvia has always looked forward to and hoped for a positive news, even if with the passing of time, the story always seemed more intricate. Fortunately, however, this story had a happy ending and we hope that Silvia now can go back to Italy. You will find a totally different country from what it has left but it will be his country, it will be for his family to be close to her.

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