Sigourney Weaver is still Ellen Ripley, in the sketch of the "Late Show" to Stephen Colbert

Published on Apr 23, 2017

Sigourney Weaver returns to play the character of Ellen Ripley, in the gag-organized in the last episode of the Late Show Stephen Colbert. Here's the video

While to be able to see the new film in the franchise, Alien: of the Covenants, we shall have to wait some week, the Late Show Stephen Colbert the xenomorfi not appear to have been made to wait a lot.

During the sketch, which aired in the latest episode of the show last night, Sigourney Weaver is back to dress up once again in the role of Ellen Ripley, the main character of the saga original film perpetually on the run from the aliens, born from the mind of Ridley Scott and H. R. Giger.

In the sketch, Ripley is, in fact, had to run to the ward doctor of a space station of Weyland Yutani, in order to get free of the creature that was already growing inside of her through an emergency surgery. Unfortunately, as often happens when it has to do with the customer service of the company, the staff left a little to be desired...

Here is the video of the funny sketch:

Although it is only a gag, in the last few days it has emerged the possibility that Sigourney Weaver lathes actually in the role of Ellen Ripley in the next film of the saga, the prequel, thanks to a facelift in CGI designed for the occasion.

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