Shortcuts will also come on the Mac? Tim Cook appreciates a tweet that talks about it


Published on Oct 08, 2018


MacOS, for many years, integrates an application extraordinary that it is called Automator. However, this app is poorly used because it is not so immediate and simple to use. As the name suggests, Automator can't start automated actions, thus saving a lot of effort, by speeding up everything and allowing us to obtain results with minimal effort. Do you remember anything?

If you have thought of Shortcuts for the iOS, you are not wrong. The latter has the same purpose even if the operation is a little different.

Shortcuts is the evolution of the Workflow, an app created for iOS and then Apple purchased it. Unfortunately, it only works on iOS devices, and then also create a flow is slow enough for the limits imposed by the mobile interface. You can create workflows from the computer has always been the dream of all of us “developers” but for the moment there is still nothing to do about it.

MacOS is about to take a turn very particular. Starting from 2019, the project Marzipan Apple will make working iOS applications on your computer, and this could revolutionize everything.

Siri Shortcuts rocks! So Please add to Mac OS next! @tim_cook

— Aaron Jones (@AaronJonesMagic) 7 October 2018

A user on Twitter has explicitly asked Tim Cook to add Shortcuts on the Mac and the CEO of Apple has put a “like” to his tweet. This of course does not mean anything, but at least we know that the message has been read and appreciated. At the next WWDC 2019 we will see a revolution in the Mac environment, probably the App Store will be unified and any iOS application able to turn easily on the computer.

The future of Shortcuts could be this, or Automator could change, could be simplified and transformed into a Desktop version of Shortcuts. In each case, the project is destined to grow, and then bookmarked the site Shortcuts Central that will become a point of reference for all actions simplified.

We remind you that in a few days we will post a full guide on iSpazio, which will allow all users to understand the application Shortcuts, and being able to use it.

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