Shooting in the street in Toronto, the latest news from Canada: a victim and several injured


Published on Jul 23, 2018


It is not yet clear whether this is an isolated gesture or a terrorist attack, but the budget, unfortunately, may grow. The latest news coming from Toronto, Canada, where there was a shootout. According to the who report in these minutes with the local media, after the shooting, the budget would be a dead man. The news of the shooting arrived in Italy few minutes ago. A woman has died and 14 people, including a girl, were injured by gun shots exploded in the street in Toronto, Canada. The shooting occurred in the area between Danforth and Logan Avenue. Some of the injured have been medicated in the street, while others were transported to hospitals in the area. The police reported that the bomber died. According to witnesses, the man was dressed in black and he exploded about twenty shots. Already in the network the video of the man who opened fire: you see this person, dressed in black, which seems to also wear a hat, take aim and point his weapon against the people by opening fire. It seems that the person who shot killing a woman, have also opened fire against the police before being stopped. The man would have been stopped. Other media report that the aggressor would have taken his own life with his own weapon.

The episode occurred at 22 local, in the area between Danforth and Logan avenues, close to the Brass Taps Pizza Pub, in the Greek quarter of the city.


“I was at the restaurant with my family, when I noticed that I seemed to be fireworks. Then I saw people screaming and running away,” said an eyewitness. The attacker was taken up in an amateur video while opening fire against the people. In the movie, which was released on the major social networks, you see a man dressed in black, with their faces uncovered, and with a hat on his head, while approaching a building and draws his gun to shoot.

According to the spokesman, Mark Pugash is too soon to say with certainty whether the shooting is linked to an episode of terrorism. The killer, that it would have exploded more than 20 bullets reloading several times his gun, he would have died during the gunfight with the forces of law and order. A local tv had reported that the man would commit suicide. The victim would be a young woman.

Toronto Police Chief Saunders has updated media from the scene. 14 victims were shot with a handgun. 1 female adult has died. 1 young girl in critical condition. Suspect is dead (not included in the 14 victims total) Witnesses call 416-808-2222 Anonymous tips 1-800-222-8477 #GO1341286 ^sm

— Toronto Police (@TorontoPolice) July 23, 2018

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