Shonan Seven is the end of the manga, Toru Fujisawa and Shinsuke Takahashi


Published on May 03, 2019


The work is published by Dynit in Italy.

The number 6 of the magazine Monthly Shonen Champion from the publisher Akita Shoten has announced that the manga series, Shonan Seven of Toru Fujisawa and Shinsuke Takahashi will conclude with the next two chapters: if there are breaks in the serialization, the epilogue of the work released on the number 8 of the month, the 6th of July.

A year ago, the master Fujisawa had stated that the end of the series would have been close.

In Japan, the Shonan Seven is the sequel to Shonan Junai Gumi – The band of the pure love Shonan (prequel of the famous GTO – Great Teacher Onizuka) is in the process of serialization from 6 January 2014 on Montly Shonen Champion. The volume 16 is planned for next 8th of May.

In Italy it is published, as the rest of the GTO Universe”, by Dynit:

We are in Japan, Shonan, in the same neighborhood and the same school that have made famous the pair of thugs known as the OniBaku, in the registry of Onizuka and Danma.
The protagonist of this new series of Toru Fujisawa, designed by Shinsuke Takahashi, is the rissaiolo Ikki Kurokami, in turn, the younger brother of a legendary thug.
In love with the beautiful and wild idol Madoka, which is disputed by a childhood friend Cacky and is subject to the advances of a blonde exhibitionist all pepper, Ikki cultivates the ambition to enter into Seven, namely, in the gang of seven thugs stronger than Shonan. To realize his dream (and hold high the banner of the ran institute Tsujido), will have to confront with punches and kicks in a series of opponents without any qualms, including the gorillesco of the friend-enemy Gouriki (said Androscimmia Gori), the mysterious Haku Kamijou, Spike Brothers, and the incorrect Doumoto...

Remember that the teacher Fujisawa has two new projects in the works: Re: Animal Joe and Red Data Planet.

Source: ANN

Shonan Seven is the end of the manga, Toru Fujisawa and Shinsuke Takahashi is




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