Shin Ultraman, unveiled the cast of the film


Published on Sep 25, 2019


It's been revealed the cast who will take part in Shin Ultraman, the new live action film about the iconic character of Tsuburaya Productions in output in 2021.

The male protagonist is Takumi Saitou (Yamato 2010), The Prince of Tennis – the Musical), which interprets the human being able to transform into Ultraman; Masami Nagasawa (Beach, Gintama, Touch – Take the World and Go) alongside him as his partner.

The other cast members are: Koji Yamamoto, Tetsushi Tanaka, Daiki Arioka, Akari Hayami, Ryo Iwamatsu (first row, from left to right), Toshihiro Wada, Toru Matsuoka, Kyusaku Shimada, Keishi Nagatsuka, and Hajime Yamazaki (second row, from left to right).

Adding to that, Hideotshi Nishijima (the Wind Rises, the Penguin Highway).

Shin Ultraman is written and planned by Hideaki Year (Nadia – the Mystery of the Blue Stone, Neon Genesis Evangelion) and directed by Shinji Higuchi (The Attack of the Giants"), together with his team Higuchi-Gumi.

A draft of the screenplay was completed on 5 February; the Year will focus on Shin Ultraman after you have completed Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 (Shin Evangelion Gekijo-ban :||), scheduled for June 2020.

In Italy, Edizioni Star Comics is publishing the manga Ultraman of Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi, which was made into the anime available on Netflix; a second animated series is in the works.

Shin Ultraman, unveiled the cast of the film is




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