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Published on Nov 30, 2019


Built thanks to a campaign to collect funds on Kickstarter, the third installment of the historical saga born originally on the Dreamcast, Shenmue III has knocked a lot of records when he was still only in this stage: this is the game that has collected more quickly 1 million dollars, 1 hour and 44 minutes, and even 2 million dollars, 8 hours and 43 minutes.

At the end of the campaign, the game had reached the well of $ 6.3 million in donations from over 69,000 supporters, thus becoming the game's most funded on Kickstarter, and the sixth for the collection of funds on Kickstarter, the most funded of all time.

In the following, have been collected for other funds through a crowdfunding campaign, reaching a remarkable sum frinale of more than $ 7 million, but this figure must be added the funding of Deep Silver and Sony.

This happened because the fans of the series have been waiting for many years in the third chapter, because Shenmue II is dated 2001. Just because the series is so dated, in the full respect of its tradition, Shenmue III has a look incredibly old shool that might make you turn your nose up at those who believe that in the 2019 games and the graphics and controls like this shouldn't exist. Among these, however, are certainly not I.


One of the many aspects that I love most of my job is the chance to get their hands on the press kit as rich as that of Shenmue III

that includes all the bonus of the Day One Edition and Collector's Edition, the latter available in only 5000 pieces world-wide.

In the Day One Edition also includes a bonus game, among which is a parchment, thanks to which we learn a new technique of Kung Fu.

With regard to the content included in the Collector's Edition, they include:


Shenmue III is a title that resumes very closely at the game system of the previous chapters: during the course of your days in the shoes of Ryo you can enjoy a rich series of activities, or complementary to the rest of your adventure.

It will be essential to interact with the inhabitants of Bailu, the small village of China where Shenmue III is set in, to gather useful information or unlock secondary missions, but you can also go to the hard work of log splitters, fishing and a whole range of gambling games.

Carry out the side activities will give you a way to gain money, items and rewards that can be exchanged at the pawnbroker's shop at the Panda Market to be able to get their hands on the precious Manuscripts Technical.

Once you have learnt a new technique of Kung Fu tramute a Manuscript, you can use it in combat, and working out until you reach the level of Master, you can also maximize the damage and improve the 3 specifications of Ryo, Attack, Strength, and Kung Fu.

With regard to the Resistance, the name that identifies the health of Ryo, an addition interesting to Shenmue III is the fact that during the course of the day, this decreases more and more, therefore making it essential to eat Ryo especially before a meeting, if you want to start with a nice malus to health.

During your walks, then pay attention to the flowers and herbs that you can take on: donned you will have access to the Manuscripts, Technical, selling them will earn some money. To help you get your bearings, use the minimap in the bottom left corner or the paper map in your journal.

Another fact to keep in mind is the passing of time: always keep an eye on the clock in the top right, because some of the activities or people are accessible are day, night, before or after a certain time.

As far as the system menu, you can choose the level of difficulty of the fighting and save the game or at your bed or in any moment of the game (except for some moments), and simply by accessing the game menu.


Most of the characteristics listed above has brought me back to mind a game that I love to madness, Deadly Premonition, the controversial title of the legendary Swery65 of 2010 that takes some of these mechanics and the graphic style of Shenmue, really revolutionary when he saw the light in 1999.

Deadly Premonition and its follow-up to the next exit come back from Shenmue a graphic style that heavily retro, look, this, at the very least anachronistic in 2019. Yet, it is a more than apt: the fan is of Deadly Premonition that Shenmue can't in fact enjoy a similar choice of consistency with the previous titles of their respective sagas, and they see it as an added value, not a defect.

Personally, I'm of the same opinion as the sagas born many years ago (in the case of Deadly Premonition, in 2010, you could easily create a game with graphics much better, for which appearance is also visual so old school it was a stylistic choice desired by the author, which followed saw the light of day several years after the chapters immediately preceding, if the graphics had been more up with the times would have created a fracture with the same.

Keep a graphic style consistent with the old chapters gives an additional sense of continuity with them, and immersion in another time, all these sensations, these, which are amplified further by the controls and the responsiveness of the movement of Ryo (ok, these could also be more fluid), and from the surreal atmosphere and out from the time of the dialogues.


Shenmue III is a game so addictive, fun, relaxing, pleasant, and genuinely nostalgic that will surely be incredibly appreciated not only by the old fans of this historical saga video game, but also by all those who love the idea of a title so retro and appreciate that games like this are still produced in 2019.

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