Shazam! – Zachary Levi reveals a secret on his costume


Published on Dec 01, 2019


Zachary Levi has admitted shyly to fans on Twitter that his super suit in the film was padded to accentuate his muscles, but he encouraged them to eat healthy anyway. Released in April of this year, Shazam! it was considered by many fans one of the chapters the most fun of the cinematic universe for DC (not that we wanted to very much, to tell you the truth...), thanks in large part to the performances by Levi and his co-stars.

For one reason or another, the debate on the fact that the suit of Shazam is padded or not it is in progress from when they were published the first trailer of the film. Although both costume designers, have confirmed the what, the news has obviously not reached some of the fans or some refuse to believe that it is true.

The was a liiiiiittle padded. 🤷♂️😏💪💃

— Zachary Levi (@ZacharyLevi) November 30, 2019

Now, fans have a definitive answer by the same actor... in fact, Zachary Levi has responded to the question of a fan on Twitter, saying at the end that in effect the suit was a bit padded...

With a sequel that should be on the right tracks, we'll see if Levi will be a suitable physical for not having to use “tricks”, openly defying Dwayne Johnson, the upcoming Black Adam.

Shazam! – Zachary Levi reveals a secret about her costume




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