Shazam!: revealed the cameo of the original Superman


Published on Aug 30, 2019


During a session of questions and answers on your account Instagram, the director of Shazam!, David F. Sandberg, has had the opportunity to talk about the cameo of Superman Henry Cavill was originally intended in the film, but then choose to show the hero only in passing, without the need of the presence of the actor.

As the director explains, the cameo initially expected it would show Cavill in the role of the Man of Steel in all its glory; you would have seen the face and the scene would have ended in a different way. The result seen in the halls, however, according to Sandberg, it would be better than would be achieved by proceeding in a different manner.

David Sandberg answers to Shazam Superman cameo question:

— The Batman (@Batmancanseeyou) August 28, 2019

In a previous interview in Backstory Magazine, the same Sandberg spoke about the plot of the sequel, which will further explore the Family's Shazam and the Master Mind.

“We have introduced the Shazam Family in the first chapter, and in the second, we could explore it more, we could see the dynamics of a family of superheroes. All thought that it would be introduced immediately, but we thought we should do the best that we could quickly. You never know what can happen in the future, does not make much sense “sparing” it for later; the film is based on a familiar theme, and the great advantage we have is that anyone can become a superhero, regardless of its previous conditions,” explains the director, “We have also introduced, with a small scene after the credits, the Master Mind. Could there be room for him, or perhaps for another great villain, there are many in the world of Shazam.

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