Shawn Mendes and it was dedicated to Camila Cabello


Published on Aug 27, 2019


Shawn Mendes has dedicated a song to his girlfriend with an exciting performance

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are a couple more chats of the moment. For a long time you have followed the rumors about a possible relationship: several sources have also fantasized about the sexual orientation of Shawn. The passion between the two young stars is undeniable, and you can observe every time they go on stage together.

In a recent concert in Brooklyn, Shawn Mendes has decided to make a declaration of love for a very special Cabello. In fact, the singer had pointed the finger towards his girlfriend, before he even dedicated the song " Fallin’ All in You.

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Camila Cabello has shown extremely impressed; in fact, during the performance, falling on his knees. Then she started to scream and to jump visibly excited. Camila, in this period, is often present during the concerts of her boyfriend, following him during the tour.

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Recently, the pair rose together on the stage of the MTV VMA's to sing along with their hit Señorita, giving life to a performance very passionate. The two have shown great chemistry together, exchanging a pat and a hug. Young and together, theirs is a love destined to last long.

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