Sexting is like a betrayal or not?

Published on May 03, 2016

Like to be considered, within a pair, the sexting, that is sending the messages by sexually explicit?
If they are asked in Great Britain, in particular the law firm Slater & Gordon, who commissioned a study to test the pulse of the population about this phenomenon, which is often mentioned as a cause of separation.

The data that emerged from the research carried out online on a mixed sample of 2150 subjects, between men and women, are interesting: for more than a third of the british, sexting is not treason; in particular, for the 35% of adults interviewed, send messages and sexual images of another person (not the partner) is acceptable.

With the specifications important: only one person in 10 has defined sexting “simple fun”, while 62% of the subjects said that the photos are already a little less acceptable, simple text messages.
A good 8% of the interviewed subjects admitted to be resorted to sexting in the last year and a third of them went further to betray the partner.

By analyzing more specific data, for example on gender, the differences are considerable between men and women: sexting is considered treason by 49% of women and 34% of men.

One of the members of the law firm that commissioned the research, said that actually the sexting is often involved in divorce cases for treason.
According to the law of the United Kingdom, adultery is considered as such when someone makes sex extra-marital with a person of the opposite sex during the marriage. A law, which perhaps, will be updated.

According to the lawyer, with the spread of technology and social media, have increased the clients who come to lawyers as they believe that the partner has exceeded the limit and committed adultery, even if not in the traditional sense. “What some might consider a bit of harmless fun – such as sending messages or images that are flirty and explicit – for others, it is harmful for their relationship and cause as much evil as the betrayal of the physical. The research is a real warning to couples about the do careful not to exceed that limit”.

In short, sexting, yes, but with caution: it is better not to go over the messages and avoid turning the “fun” in the betrayal of the real.
Above all, make sure first of what you think of the partner, to avoid ending up in a divorce case for “simple” erotic messages.


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