Sex toys of the future are 3D and an app for the inflatable dolls

Published on Feb 12, 2016

The sex toy of the future will be an inflatable doll to be programmed with an app. You will be able to decide the personality and the voice of the woman robot and enjoy more personalised services and realistic thanks to the support of virtual reality. To tell you the BBC documentary “The Virtual Reality Virgin”, that has investigated on the future interactions between the porn and the sex industry with the virtual reality, in the process of arriving in the homes of all, especially thanks to Oculus, which will begin the distribution of its viewers in less than a month. The experiment is even more bizarre has been created by Matt McMullen, 55-year-old british manufacturer of the historical dolls but that he glimpsed in the third dimension the can business of the future.

The new dolls will be actual robots that can satisfy the desires of most perverted. At first impact seem to have the classic appearance of a sex toy, traditional, but, through an application, it will be possible to connect each copy to the user who will decide what should be his ideal woman: one that is intelligent or stupid, timid or aggressive, the computer will do its work and will meet the demands of the customer. The brains of the androids will be completely inside your smartphone and you can change it at any time, depending on the need. The crew of the british television has found itself facing one of the specimens in the exhibition, to which he asked if she would like to have sex: "I Am very anxious to do it, but I still don't have an owner. I was created to be your lover, your best friend, and everything that you want," answered the doll robot.

For the most demanding customers you can use the viewers for the virtual reality in such a way as to increase the realism of the relationship and make it even more vivid: "You will live the experience to be sitting in the warmth of a fireplace in a swiss chalet in the middle of the mountains, together with the woman that you've created," says McMullen. The sophistication of the dolls " has reached such a level as to be able to simulate, virtually, in every aspect, a true relation of the couple. "There are those who simply want a sex toy or those looking for someone to love. A lot of people are fond of the dolls, buy them clothes, taking a selfie and they treat them exactly as if they were people," says the 55-year-old English.

The adult entertainment is intended to be more personal and realistic, thanks to the addition of 3D. Just think of VrTube or Lovesense: the first one is a porn site that all the effects on the where to find the erotic taste of the first person, and imaged in 3D. Through the Oculus seems that the girls are in front of us, if not in the flesh, at least in a very good digital rendering. The second one goes further and combines the porn, virtual sex toys, re-inventing the virtual sex. The set includes goggles and two erotic toys, Max and the woman, and Nora for the man: these are synchronized with the video in 3D, making you feel what you're seeing. So if the actress (or actor) porn move in the video, the sex toys contract time, giving you the feeling of having sex and being really in contact with the protagonists of the video. Of very similar devices offered by VirtuaDolls, a set of devices able to simulate actual intercourse, together with the video game the erotic Girls of Arcadia. The plot of the game is simple: save the most possible women to be able to go to bed – for the first, there is also the possibility to skip the part challenge. This project has had so much success that developers have had to stop the crowdfunding on Indiegogo because he had reached a level out from the norm with a collection of close to a million dollars.


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