Sex is the greatest danger for the car you drive alone

Published on May 04, 2016

Barrie Kirk of the Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence has launched a prophecy that now, maybe, it sounds almost comical, but that is not to be taken too light. His statement is peremptory and admits of no replies: “I Preach that, when the car with autonomous guide will be ready for the trade, you will make a lot of sex in the car”. And what is the problem? Maybe an image too much push to associate with a technology that will distinguish the future of the automotive sector? Nothing at all, it's all a matter of safety.

The car is one of the lairs of love favorites, especially by young people that are seeking a bit of privacy, peace and quiet perfecting the art of folding (there is also the Kamasutra special, the Kamasmart). And if the future of cars will move really the direction that all the major manufacturers are pursuing since a long time now, namely that of the system of autonomous guide, then why not think that sex on board can benefit?

Is a logical sequence: if the car drives itself following the agreed path to the desired destination and if the driver just becomes a “supervisor”, then there are strong chances that boredom reach the heights are substantial, especially on large shifts. And what better way to combat the boredom, in a private setting, comfortable and the temperature is always pleasant on the exterior, with a lot of opportunity to put on music tactic, if not sex? All very nice, but if something of the technology of autonomous guided goes wrong?

What would happen if the car asked for the intervention the human, or you were in a situation where it would be necessary to take the controls suddenly and was gently committed to the other? It is true to say that making love is not the only activity that may distract the non-driver, and knows also the good Barrie, which in fact specifies: “it Is one of the many things that people do and that inhibits the ability of an immediate reaction to a stimulus”. In reality, sex is a pretext to a great problem of the systems guide autonomous-i.e. on how to ensure that human control is always ready to intervene.

“It's really problematic, " she said Marc Garneau, the Minister of Transport of canada (in addition to ex-astronaut!) – Drivers tend to overestimate the potential and performance of these systems, and they can remain detached when you activate the automatic pilot”. Of course you can assume systems that require constant attention, as for example, by pressing a button at regular intervals (as for the drivers of trains) or voice feedback to the questions posed by the computer, but the good sense and the importance that must be given to the responsibility are the only weapons that are likely to you can imagine to avoid problems. In addition, the way in which you present these services should veer more and more towards a communication more concrete, that emphasizes less and which is closer to the reality: these technologies are in fact an assistance to the guide, rather than a total replacement than the driver.

And if you take the hormone, rather always best to stop in a secluded place. As with the dear old car is not autonomous.


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