Seven to eternity: Remender begins his saga! – Review

Published on Jan 31, 2018

Rick Rememder is an author who hardly needs an introduction. Chi bazzica the world of the comics, knows the validity of this writer, want for his involvement in Marvel, you want to this little masterpiece of cyberpunk Tokyo Ghost. Like every great author, but also our Rick wanted to create his own saga, a work of wide scope in which to put all his genius and emotions. If Stephen King has the Black Tower, Remender has Seven to eternity.

Panini Comics, in the series 100% HD, presented the first chapters of this series in which Remender is assisted in the story and in the drawings by Jerome Opeña, it falls in a narrative context, the mix of different influences, from fantasy to western, to provide the reader with a plot that unfolds on a fundamental element: the family.

The tone of the epic to Seven to Eternity, it is perceived to be since from the first bars of The god of whispers, thanks to the intriguing choice to introduce us to the story via a diary page of one of the protagonists, Adam Osidis. This first vision of the thoughts of the character also contains the first elements that give a sense to what we read, introducing the family component of the story, with a particular attention to two dynamics: the sense of guilt and honour their principles.

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The family Osidis lives isolated from the rest of the population of Zhal to chose Zebediah Osidis, a man who has chosen not to waive his principles to bow their heads to the King of Whispers, who he calls the King of the Mud, be that through the powers of the arcana seems to have enslaved the entire continent. Zeb has preferred to retreat away from this reality, to preserve the loved ones, and to the son, Adam and his family. But the past does not forget, and sooner or later makes itself felt.

From this starting point, Remender manages to build a narrative of intense, deep. This complexity is structured thanks to an intelligent use of flashbacks, which the author reconstructs the moments in the focal of the past of Zeb and Adam. The hardness with which Zeb grows up the son, even tolerating an appointment, and unjust used by his enemy as a weapon, is narratively fascinating, thanks to the contrast between the strict precepts of his forefathers and the carefree child, the need for a life light that is taken from young Adam, in the hope of protecting it.

The pace of this first volume of Seven to eternity is perfect because it attended to in the present the different moments of the life of Adam, each one enhanced by the doubts and hopes of man, who must now take care of their family, being in the same position of the father. Protect your family or preserve the principles on which it was educated? Adam is a mirror of our everyday life, that continued to be faced with moral choices that seem, at times, counter. His role in Seven to Eternity seems to be that of a man ready to give up everything, if only to avoid suffering and pain for their loved ones.

But when everything seems to go in one direction, here comes the last rebels left, the Mosak, a caste of warriors and wizards, which is opposed to the rampant power of the King of Whispers. Once the companions of the tyrant, these last members of the ancient order to which he belonged also Zeb, Osiris are now the only hope to save Zahl from tyranny. Their purpose is to capture the King of Whispers and bring it to the sorceress Torgga, the only one able to make it harmless. In a clash incredibly charming, the Mosak, helped by Adam, will be able to capture their enemy, but the most complex part of their plan begins now: cross Zahl with a prisoner so powerful, without being discovered.

Remender is a great builder of worlds, Seven to eternity is the confirmation of this ability. What we know of Zahel, of its dynamic social and historical, there is provided, in a basic way from the dialogues of the characters, from a few quick flashbacks, or from the pages of the diary of Adam. Despite not having many details, even if we are still in the dark as to who really are the Mosak and where they come from their powers, we feel ourselves part of this universe, thanks to a emotional total. The journey of Adam does not differ much from that of the lone hero of the old West, while moving in a frontier land in which the distrust of the stranger or an appointment, and unjust, makes him a target of the anger of a part of the population.

Particularly suggestive is the characterization of the God of Whispers. His power is a disturbing reference to one of our current problems, the use of unhealthy of the word, of the suspect. The company of Zahl is now corrupted by this capacity, it is permeated in every aspect, doubt, and mistrust of others are one of the great victories of the King of Whispers. The same term of the whisper refers to a voice, mellifluous, direct to the few, secret, or gossip, as in the case of the ignoble reputation of the family Osidis, that is spifferata in a confidential manner, but knowing how to slowly become a voice creeping and that will infect others. BUT there is also a critique of the rampant control of the lives of the people, incarnated by the power of the tyrant to use all as their eyes and ears in his empire, a Big Brother of the Orwellian memory that takes advantage of this, his unhealthy omniscience to offer to the reticent subjects what they crave the most. A pact faustiano, to which a few know how to surrender.

The whole of this complex and articulated narrative structure is moves beautifully from Remender, who knows how to give life and substance to a world that is deeply divided, the ruthless and the slave, where they manage to survive still some small sparks of hope and individuality.

To help Remender, there is the artistic talent of Jerome Opeña. The two have already worked in the past, showing a certain affinity, made even more evident in Seven to Eternity. Opena is comfortable in every aspect of the story, with an expressive freedom, both in the structure and in the stretch, captivating, magnetic. The designer, filipino knows how to enhance the tables by playing well on the enhancement of some of the details, or how to achieve dynamism and a sense of natural tension in the fight scenes, keeping under control the anatomical aspect of certain poses. In making these drawings, Opena seems to seek a point of contact between the typical design from the comics american, sometimes disproportionate and far more physical, and a graphic design that marries the philosophy of the most ethereal and delicate of the French school, with world influences that recall elements of the Airtight Garage of the French and of the atmospheres of Moebius.

On the whole it is passed the hand of Matt Hollingsworth, with its color gives Seven to Eternity, the tone of decadence that accompanies the domain of the King of Whispers, but that enhances with the shades faded, and the bright powers of Morak and the whole area magical.

The god of Whispers, the first volume of which Panini Comics port in Italy Seven to eternity, it is a nice card. Besides telling an exciting story and full of ideas and narrative intriguing, the book offers a gallery of sketches and tributes by other artists to the work of Remender. Particularly interesting are the studies of proof Opeña on the figure of the King, the Whispers, and the care with which he investigated the functionality of the muzzle of a Drawbridge!

After this reading, begins the anxious wait for the second volume of Seven to Eternity!


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