Serious flaw on iOS and OS X, updated the devices to prevent threats to the security of the data


Published on Jul 21, 2016


If you have not updated your device with the latest available version of the iOS operating system should run to the shelters and provide more as soon as possible to avoid a serious security problem.

It was discovered a flaw in the earlier version of iOS, OS X, TVOS, and watchOS, which allows hackers to steal the passwords stored on your Apple devices without the user realizing it.

As happened about a year ago for Android devices with Stagefright, a vulnerability that allowed hackers to gain access to smartphones and tablets using a simple MMS, a problem very similar involving the Apple users.

The security expert Tyler Bohan has discovered a serious vulnerability in the “ImageIO”), which manages the image data, and through this flaw, attackers can capture passwords for internet sites, e-mail and Wi-Fi.

An attacker could create an exploit, a small program able to take advantage of the vulnerability, and send it via MMS within a TIFF file

The user has no possibility to detect the attack or to be able to fix it. Once the MMS message arrives on the device, it is too late.

The threat could be even more severe on OS X. unlike the iOS with the sandboxing feature prevents the execution of malicious code (except for devices jailbroken), OS X is more open, and hackers could get complete control of your computer.

The only way to avoid the threat is, in fact, provide update. Version 9.3.3 of iOS as well as iOS 10 have already solved this problem.

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