Sergio Bonelli: the outputs of July 2019


Published on May 03, 2019


Directly from the Preview 43, we bring all the outputs and Sergio Bonelli scheduled for July 2019, including milestones such as Tex Willer, Dampyr, Dylan Dog Morgan, "Lost" and Nathan Never. Come also the news of the MAGICAL WIND, and TEN CENTS, AND OTHER STORIES.

MISTER NO. THE NEW ADVENTURES 1 Mister No Returns! Michele Masiero, Massimo Cipriani and Roberto Diso, 96 pages, 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 3,50

The antihero created by Guido Nolitta (Sergio Bonelli) back in his “classic” form: a new mini-series to breathe once again the atmosphere of the Amazon in the 50s of the last century. Jerry Drake accompanies in the heart of the forest a shipping: must find a tribe of Indians threatened by a mortal danger. In a race against time, but perhaps it hides something else...

MAGIC WIND 1 night of The comet Gianfranco Manfredi and Darko Perovic 96 pages 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 3,50

1881. Magico Vento, in Mexico, has visions distressing, in which a gigantic serpent of light rises from the depths of the earth and up in heaven. Poe reaches him, to tell him that, in Arizona, a young shaman apache called the Dreamer, has aggregated many of the faithful: announces that the heroes apache are going to resurrect in order to lead their people to victory against the whites. New miniseries for the character created by Gianfranco Manfredi!

LEONARDO The SHADOW OF the CONSPIRACY of Giuseppe De Nardo and Antonio Lucchi 144 pages, 22 x 31 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-88-6961-412-5 € 24,00

An adventure full of suspense, starring an original Leonardo Da Vinci that he will use his genius to investigate a dark murder of his friend Jacopo, who escaped years before the repression that followed the Pazzi conspiracy and assassinated in Milan. The writer Giuseppe De Nardo, author of the successful book Kill Caravaggio!, he sets a story in shades of yellow between the Florence of the Medici and the Milan of the early ‘500, beautifully rendered in colour plates by Antonio Lucchi.

TEN CENTS AND OTHER STORIES by Maurizio de Giovanni, Sergio Brancato, Claudio Falco, Paolo Terracciano, Daniel, Billiard table, Alessandro Nespolino, Luigi Siniscalchi, Lucilla Stellato 160 pages – 19 x 26 cm, B/w, hardcover ISBN 978-88-6961-403-3- € 19,00

The murder of a child changes forever the destiny of the young Luigi Alfredo Ricciardi. The doctor does everything to save the life of his patient. A strange thief is being stalked by brigadier Raffaele Maione during the Feast of the ‘Nzegna. The death of a blind man in the Spanish Quarters, and reveals the incurable “fever” for the Lotto game in Naples. Four stories of commissario Ricciardi presented by Maurizio de Giovanni and designed by Daniel pool hall, Lucilla Stellato, Luigi Siniscalchi, and Alessandro Nespolino. In the appendix, a gallery of illustrations unpublished that are dedicated to the Naples of the ’30s, which is the background to the stories of Ricciardi, made by Daniel Billiard.

TEX. IN the TERRITORIES OF the NORTH-WEST of Mauro Boselli and Alfonso Font 336 pages – 19 x 26 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-88-6961-405-7 € 28.00

An epic adventure of Tex and full-colour, written by Mauro Boselli for the designs of the Spanish Alfonso Font, set in the cold lands of the North. Who is the “devourer of souls from the golden eye”? And why is the colonel of the redcoats, and Jim Brandon, after reading a mysterious message that makes no mention, do not hesitate to ab-
bandonare his men to advance towards the territories of the North? Tex and Carson, summoned by the trapper Gros-Jean, you bring on the trail of a missing friend but will have to pay a lot of attention, because of the dangers of winter, we will add a mysterious threat: the one represented by the Spirit of the Wind, the terrible Wendigo!

MARTIN MYSTÈRE, THE OTHER FACES OF THE MOON. Fairy TALES FOR YOUNG SELENITES by Alfredo Castelli, Carlo Recagno, Stefano Vietti, Lucio Filippucci, Enrico Bagnoli, Maurizio Gradin 464 pages – 16 x 21 cm B/w and color, column ISBN 978-88-6961-404-0 – € 16,00

Three adventures that revolve around the mysteries of the moon, accompanied by a dossier of curiosity on our satellite. Conspiracy moon sees Martin coming to grips with the theories about the moon landing: he doesn't believe in the conspiracy, but he finds himself entangled in a story that shocked his every conviction. In Memories from the future, the professor is catapulted into a parallel reality dominated by technology, the most unlikely... under the guidance of Jules Verne! In closing, an adventure of Docteur Mystère, The War of the worlds: the great-great-grandfather of Martin, accompanied by the faithful Cigale, this time, it will reach even on the moon!

MISTER NO THE CANGACEIROS, Guido Nolitta, Franco Bignotti and Roberto Diso 432 pages – 16 x 21 cm B/N, column ISBN 978-88-6961-406-4 € 15,00

Mister No, the reckless antihero created by Guido Nolitta, returns with a volume dedicated to the Cangaceiros, the famous rebel who, in the Thirties, fighting the abuses of the landowners. The last Cangaceiro transports us into the Sertão, where immense farms are in the hands of a few lords. To combat the arrogance of one of these, the young Raimundo Teixeira decides to reconstitute the Cangaceiros, and Mister No will stand at his side. In the king of The Sertão, Jerry Drake at Bahia, on a visit to the beautiful Miranda, and to end up involved in a dangerous adventure that revolves around the head of the legendary cangaceiros Lampião: everyone wants to take possession of it, each for different purposes...

MARTIN MYSTÈRE MAXI 11 Zone X – optical Illusions of Enrico Lotti, Andrea Pasini, Giancarlo Alessandrini, AA. VV. 320 pages, 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 6,90

A new number for the “Area X”. history optical Illusions, set in the world “impossible” Escher (text by Lotti & Pasini, artwork by Alessandrini), and two classics of the “Area X”, the Effect of Venus (written by Chiaverotti, to the designs of Genzianella) and the Children of lost world (screenplay by Vietti and Memola, drawings Romanini). Also, a surprising cover of the trompe l'oeil made with Charles Beech, the major Italian expert of optical illusions and the creator of the Illusionarium, an itinerant museum with optical illusions of all types.

MARTIN MYSTERE – THE NOVEL the craft of The devil by Andrea Carlo Cappi 160 pages 16 x 21 cm column € 4,00

1914: in the house of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright you consume vicious crimes. 1969: the summer of the murders by the Manson Family. What drives some people to carry out “the craft of the devil”? The first to find out is Arthur William Bradley, creator of the Axis Mundi: an organization formed only from him and from her personal computer, however, able to interfere with each apparatus of the security of the United States of America. Bradley is opening a Pandora's box and only Martin Mystère can solve a riddle before it is too late.

MARTIN MYSTÈRE SPECIAL, N. 36 The man of the Renaissance, Carlo Recagno, Stefano Santoro and Giovanni Romanini 144 pages, 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 6,90

A world where technology has evolved differently, where in the sky flying airships, where there is an installation of the moon is infested by monstrous creatures, where the Moulin Rouge is located in New York... A world different from our own, yet similar, where there is the mysterious “Elsewhere” base, and where there is Martin Mystère, ready to investigate everything that is “outside the norm”. But how is that possible when the norm itself seems to be crazy? The key lies in a fact which happened in the FIFTEENTH century, an event that has shaped the destiny of the world...

ODESSA 3 the Hopes of the ice by Giorgio Giusfredi, Davide Rigamonti, Leave Arduini and Mariano De Biase 96 pages 16 x 21 cm, color, column € 5,90

In an area of the city overrun by ice, Yakiv. Goraz and Zhiras will have to face a creature that is unpredictable and uncover a secret buried lag - down from the Day of the Merger! Continues the new series of science-fantasy, Sergio Bonelli Editore, with an incredible adventure for the screenplay of Giorgio Giusfredi, the reworking of the narrative of David Rigamonti and the designs of Lucia Arduini.

DARWIN 2 Die and be born Michele Masiero, Luigi Piccatto, Renato Riccio and Matthew Santaniello of 64 pages – 17 x 23 cm B/N, column € 3,50

While everything around them seems to have gone mad, are you guys (Kent, Darwin, Ryan, Chieko, Arachne, Sally, and a Lizard) try to survive: they are the Indigos, the only hope of restoring balance to the world and save the future of humanity. But where are they from really? Someone seems to have created many years before for that purpose. Someone who knew what would have happened...

NATHAN's 338 Attack in Memorial Plaza of the John Eccher and Paul Clement 96 pages 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 3,50

Begins in this issue a two-part adventure that will conclude in the August issue. Two parallel surveys intertwine when Nathan Never and Legs Weaver, trying to identify who is responsible for an explosive attack in Memorial Plaza, collide with Bruce Mannigan Agency private Shelter, specialized in VIP protection. Their goal is common... but for Bruce, the thing is damn personal!

NATHAN NEVER MAGAZINE 2019 Cybermaster Bepi Vigna and Roberto De Angelis 176 pages 16 x 21 cm, color, column € 6,90

During a rock concert, Cybermaster, a virtual entity born from a program created by the mutated in order to subvert the established order, it causes the death of many spectators




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