Sergio Bonelli Editore: the outputs of the June 2019


Published on Apr 01, 2019


Directly from the Preview 42, we bring you all of the outputs on Sergio Bonelli scheduled for June 2019, including milestones such as Tex Willer, Dampyr, Dylan Dog Morgan, "Lost" and Nathan Never. Come also the new SENZANIMA DARK, and DARWIN 1.

SENZANIMA the DARKNESS of Luca Enoch and Alfio Buscaglia 80 pages – 22 x 30 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-88-6961-394-4 € 16,00

After the success of the first two books, return to the adventures of the Senzanima, ruthless mercenary company in which the young Ian Aranill, the future Dragonero, has enlisted in the military. With the cover art of Mario Alberti, the texts of Luca Enoch and the amazing designs of Alfio Buscaglia, the book is in the classic large format color and, like the previous ones, is published directly in the library.

DYLAN DOG AND MISTER NO ANANGA! Tiziano Sclavi, Fabio Civitelli, and Giovanni Freghieri 432 pages – 19 x 26 cm color and B/w, hardcover ISBN 978-88-6961-392-0 € 29,00

Ananga, an evil demon-jaguar, awakens in the heart of the Amazon. Face it, the most famous anti-heroes of the house Bonelli, Dylan Dog and Mister No, in two adventures, the outputs from the pen of Tiziano Sclavi, and collected here for the first time, with the addition of a final cross-over written by Michele Masiero.
On the trail of the husband of the beautiful Abigail Wolfe, who mysteriously disappeared in the jungle, Mister No will find a trail of blood... In the minds of Dylan Dog, however, there is a question: is really the powerful spirit of the jaguar to infest the body of the beautiful trapeze artist Juma?

DARWIN 1 crossed Destinies of Michele Masiero, Luigi Piccatto, Renato Riccio and Matthew Santaniello of 64 pages – 17 x 23 cm B/N, column € 3,50

The 21 December 2012 the Mayan prophecy has been fulfilled: the moon has exploded and the world has gone to pieces, swept away by a rain of meteorites. The survivors trying to cope with the new reality while the whole of humanity seems to imbarbarirsi more and more. The only hope is related to a group of guys, “special”, who have perhaps the key to understanding what really happened. Back to the universe, a dystopian and post-apocalyptic created by Luigi Piccatto in a new series of the label Bold.

THE STORIES 81 Napoleon 1 by Carlo Ambrosini) 96 pages, 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 4,00

Returns with new stories, Napoleon, the character created by Carlo Ambrosini. Older than ten years, is the protagonist of the miniseries from the decidedly detective. A wounder serial rages against married women, amputating their finger that fits the ring of marriage. Until the latest victim, unlike the others, is not killed. The search of the culprit moves in Napoleon, painful memories, and old ghosts are looming on the horizon. In the script we will develop the relationship of Napoleon and Merry, now in his twenties, feels the need of being emancipated from the care affectionately cumbersome of Napoleon, as well as making sentimental choices dangerous. Even more in depth to move the plots of his arch-enemy, the Cardinal, surrogate of the Myths of Evil, always and more than ever operating in the World.

ZAGOR DEATH ON the RIVER by Guido Nolitta and Gallieno Ferri 296 pages – 22 x 31 cm, hardcover € 28,00

The new volume hardback color for Zagor, dedicated this time to the challenge of the Spirit with the Hatchet with one of his enemies, the most treacherous and unpredictable: Iron Man! Defeated a first time by the criminal by the armor of the invincible, Zagor will be able to call on all his strength and with his tenacity will have the better of the fearsome opponent. The two stories are closely linked, the two great classics of the signed Nolitta-Irons.

ZAGOR CLASSIC 4 of Gallieno Ferri 80 pages – 16 x 21 cm, color, column € 3,50

Investigating the disappearance of a series of caravans, Zagor and Cico discover and collide with a tribe of small men who, in spite of the stature, prove to be formidable opponents. I decided to capture the Spirit with the Hatchet, these pygmies, that they call men-bat, kidnap Cico) and give it to them as picturesque as it is diabolical-in-chief: a flying man in a can, just by looking at it, to bend the will of anyone... A classic adventure of Zagor, all in color and with attached postcard, a cover historical.

ZAGOR THE ORIGINS 2 The oath of Moreno Burattini and Walter Throne 64 pages 17 x 23 cm, color, column € 3,90

On the tombs of the parents killed by the Abenaki led by the preacher Salomon Kinsky, the young Pat Wilding qiura revenge. Then you move away from the charred remains of the hut where he was born and lived, in the company of a trapper Nathaniel Fitzgeraldson, dubbed the “Wandering” Fitzy, from which it was saved on the night of the attack. Fitzy would like to entrust Pat to someone to deal with them, not feeling ready to take care of him: for reasons hidden in his past that lead him to the solitary life. But something makes him change idea...

The HISTORY OF the WEST 3, The big valley, Gino D'antonio and Renzo Calegari and Renato Polese 96 pages – 19 x 27 cm color, column € 4,90

In the first ‘800, the territories of Ohio and Indiana began to fill with settlers. The coexistence with the indians is not simple, also because the authorities encourage the fighting. In search of peace, Brett moved with his family in the valley of the Ohio, and opened a trading post on the banks of the Blue River, to trade legally with the indians. But soon he must face the threats of shady traffickers, in addition to the growing tension between indians and whites, which colonize those lands without asking too many scruples. The army does not intervene, and the authorities began to propose the unequal treaties to the tribes...

DRAGONERO 73, The invasion of the darkness of Luca Enoch and Gianluigi Gregorini 96 pages 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 3,50

After the unstoppable spread of the epidemic known as the Weeping Red, Luca Enoch is back to terrorize the reader with a “classical” threat: the formation of a nughrachava, the “abyss of darkness” through which the Abominii try to enter in the world of Dragonero. Events, cyclic in Erondàr, which testify to the presence of a monstrous plague that has not been possible to stop... this time there will be something different, to make the most agonizing of the threat, and Dragonero, accompanied by Aura and Gmor, will have to take difficult decisions...

MORGAN LOST BLACK NOVEL of 6 stories that I want to finish by Claudio Chiaverotti and Val Romeo 64 pages 17 x 23 cm B/N, column € 3,50

Not all novels end at the last page: there are end-cut in half, screams that pierced the night, characters who don't want to die when the book is closed... Continues the new season of the hunter of a serial killer in New Heliopolis, a new Black Novel to Morgan's Lost!

DAMPYR 231 The city of the Black Man Mauro Boselli, and Nicola Genzianella 96 pages 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 3,50

Who is actually the dark lord that reigns on the lost city surrounded by towers of black basalt? To find out, and to save Agrat, the sister of Eisheth Zenumium, the Dampyr and his friends have to go to the ends of space and time and be confronted with a new, terrible and powerful horror.

MARTIN MYSTÈRE 363 The world that there was Ivo Lombardo, Andrea Artusi and Fabio Grimaldi 160 pages 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 5,70

The year 1942, throughout the Second World War, and the whole world is holding its breath. The lives of millions of people are shocked, all over the globe. Civilization stops, every thing is swallowed up by the conflict that devastated the whole world. Also sporting events are suspended, and among these the World soccer Championships, which was held for the first time in 1930 and held every four years, suffered a setback. Yet, there are those who say that in 1942 the world was regularly played, even if it is not in any almanac. Who is right? Only the Detective of the Impossible will be able to give an answer to this enigma...

JULIA THIEF DRIVES away the THIEF by Giancarlo Berardi and Maurizio Mantero, Luigi Pittaluga and Federico Antinori 400 pages – 16 x 21 cm B/N, column ISBN 978-88-6961-396-8 € 15,00

Julia, the charming criminologist created by Giancarlo Berardi, is again struggling with Tim O'leary, thief-a gentleman, for which she still has ambivalent between attraction and rejection. Julia will, however, need the help of Tim, and vice versa, in risky situations at the limit of legality. Between blackmail, companies, daring, and rescues the dramatic, three stories, yellow tone bright and stunning rhythm.

JULIA 249 A forza di essere vento by Giancarlo Berardi and Lorenzo Calza and Steve Boraley 128 pages 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 4,00

One of the best agents of a major insurance agent is killed and the briefcase that he kept tied at the wrist, was stolen. What contained so hot that briefcase? And who is the little Roma girl who has witnessed a crime? Julia will have to find it because it is in danger of life!

JULIA – THE CASES STORED 8 the black Sky of Giancarlo Berardi and Maurizio Mantero, Enio and Valerio Piccioni 128 pages 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 4,00




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