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Published on Jul 02, 2019


Directly from the Preview 45, we bring you all of the outputs on Sergio Bonelli planned for September 2019, including milestones such as Tex Willer, Dampyr, Dylan Dog Morgan, "Lost" and Nathan Never. Continue, ODESSA and LOOSE DOGS.

THE GREAT BELZONI by Walter Venturi 288 pages – 19 x 26 cm B/w hardcover ISBN 978-88-6961-420-0 € 22.00

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN... WELCOME IN EGYPT! – On the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to Giovanni Belzoni, which will be held in Padua from October 25th at the prestigious venue of the Cultural Center Altinate, we propose version of the hardcover, this long graphic novel, written and drawn by Walter Venturi, pencil authoritative Bonelli, who recounts the adventure to the egyptian Belzoni extraordinary figure of the traveller, and pioneer of archaeology.

KENTUCKY RIVER by Mauro Boselli and Angelo Stano 144 pages, 22 x 31 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-88-6961-418-7 € 24,00

Return of the heroes of the Mohawk River, in the new colour volume of this saga in three parts, written by Mauro Boselli. Pervaded by the atmosphere as legendary as the novels of James Fenimore Cooper, Kentucky River plunges once again the reader in the magic of the Old american Frontier, thanks to the splendid tables of Angelo Stano, for the occasion, coloured by the artist himself, which makes vivid with his watercolors the atmosphere now gloomy, now solar North America.

MISTER NO REVOLUTION. AMAZON Michele Masiero, Alessio Avallone, Matthew Cremona, Emiliano Mammucari 160 pages – 22 x 30 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-88-6961-417-0 € 21.00

A floating house, a job search, a Country that looks to the future, but ruled with an iron fist. What are you doing Mister No to Manaus? What he wants from him that mysterious blonde woman north american? In search of himself, Jerry Drake begins his escape towards the unknown. The third and concluding volume of Mister No Revolution, the series that revisits the character of Guido Nolitta, telling a youth alternative, the descent in the atmosphere of the ’60s.

MISTER NO THE NEW ADVENTURES 3-The prisoner of selva di Luigi Mignacco, Marco Foderà and Roberto Diso, 96 pages, 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 3.90

Jerry is a survivor of the attack of a group of mercenaries to the village indio, but is now finished-who knows where in the forest, without points of orientation and disarmed. For him starts a real fight with the wild nature, where the dangers are lurking. And, in the meantime, she does not know what happened to his fellow travelers... All the charm of the Amazon rainforest in the new, the classic, the adventures of Mister No!

MAGIC WIND. THE RETURN 3 of the fire and The wind by Gianfranco Manfredi and Darko Perovic 96 pages 16 x 21 cm B/N column € 3.90

Ned is under arrest in Fort Apache. The general Crook would like to make peacemaker with Geronimo, but Ned rifuta. Poe meanwhile, in the company of the Earp brothers. is giving chase to Mingus, an ex-missionary who blows on the uprising in apache, to the pure end of the to provoke a war without quarter, Continuing the new miniseries for the classic character created by Gianfranco Manfredi!

ADVENTURE MAGAZINE 2019 TEX presents: THE GREATEST HEROES OF G. L BONELLI, Gianluigi Bonell, Dino Battaglia and AA. VV 176 pages 16 x 21 cm colour and B/w column € 7.50

Gianluigi Bonelli is not only the creator of Tex Willer, who from 1948 fascinated generations of readers. A tireless story teller, G. L. Bonelli had estrat to the inexhaustible mine of his imagination many of the other characters. In this Magazine, let us rediscover his own version of a classic of adventure literature, "treasure island" by Robert Louis Stevenson, and the explosive saga of El Kid, the caballero avenger from the bar and from the gun always ready. To the drawings, there is a Master of the comics world: Dino Battle!

ZAGOR THE KING OF the EAGLES, Guido Nolitta, and Gallieno Ferri 432 pages, 16 x 21 cm B/N column ISBN 978-88-6961-416-3 € 15,00

In this volume He collected two stories of the classic period of the character, signed by its creators, Guido Nolitta, and Gallieno Ferri. Two stories, connected, full of dark atmosphere and adventure, where the mystery takes on dramatic tones, in which the Spirit with the Hatchet will have to deal with one of his nemnici more evil and sinister: Ben Stevens, the King of the eagles!

ZAGOR CLASSIC 7 Zagor against Zagor of Gallieno Ferri B0 – pages 16 x 21 cm, color, column € 3.50

Saved the indian tribe of the Fox by the deceit of some unscrupulous traffickers, Zagor and Cico do back in their refuge of Darkwood, where, oblivious of everything, a couple of thugs are plotting to steal a wagon pleno golden army. Their diabolical plan is to recruit Olaf Botegosky, a blockbuster from the stunning similarity with a 20 - gor, who, disguised as our hero will take the place for her the precious caravan in an ambush, then the blame just on the Spirit with the Hatchet...

ZAGOR SOURCES 5 The sacred cave of Moreno Burattini and Giovanni Freghieri 54 pages – 17 x 23 cm colour, brassurato € 3.90

Left alone to wander in the forest, the young Pot Wilding finally finds out the meaning of the prophecy made to him by a sorcerer Huron when he was a child, and the significance of the necklace that was delivered on that occasion. The future of Za-Gor-Te-Nay encounters in the magical side of reality, one with which more times in the future, you will have to compare. To be his guide, the beautiful and mysterious shaman Shyer.

The HISTORY OF the WEST 6 Comancheros Gino D'antonio and Sergio Tarquinio 96 pages – 19 x 27 cm color, column € 4,90

In the young Texas of 1845, and the respect of law and order is entrusted to the Rangers, a group of armed volunteers of the legendary Colt. Pat Mac Donald has decided to protect the lands of the family, but soon realizes that he is not able to do it alone. Then goes in the Ranger with the task to fight the Comanches who plunder the farms and, above all, the Comancheros, mexican traffickers li supply of weapons.

DRAGONERO. BORN FROM the FLAMES of Luca Enoch and Alfio Buscaglia 208 pages – 19 x 26 cm color, cartongto ISBN 978-88-6961-419-4 € 24,00

As every autumn, there comes the appointment with the double story of Dragonero, colored for the occasion, by the talented Paolo Francescutto, and in this case with the addition of a new story. The book is a section of extras that guide the reader to the discovery of the secrets of the Erondar. Designed by series veteran Alfio Buscaglia. Born in flames is one of the chapters of the most exciting of the epic story of the Slayer of Dragons.

DRAGONERO 76 the Lady of The Tears of Luca Enoch and Luca Malisan 96 pages 16 x 21 cm B/N column € 3.90

The pair of axes of the two Luca “dragoneriani” (Enoch texts and Malisan pencils) met to prepare the readers of the series a September brividol At the end of a long mission in the Kingdoms in the south, and the situation of the Erondár is not improved... on the contrary! The dark clouds on the horizon you are clotted in the terrible form of a colossal statue, which, powered by a fan I believe, has taken on a life and moves on, inexorable and deadly, trampling on everything that tries to sbarrarle the way!

DAMPYR 234 The towers of the Casing of Mauro Boselli and Corrado Roi, 96 pages, 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 3.90

The dramatic and dreamlike brushes Corrado Roitornano on the pages of Dampyr for an adventure the key in the saga of the slayer bonellia no, written by co-creator and curator of the series Mauro Boselli. In the World of Twilight, already appeared in Dampyr, 101 and n. 180. Nyarlathotep is preparing a ceremony to pass Kurjak from the part of the evil and awaken the Great Old... alongside Harlan will fight his father Draka!

DARWIN 4 eagles, swans and crows Michele Masiero, Luigi Piccatto, Renato Riccio, Matthew Santaniello of 64 pages – 17 x 23 cm B/N, column € 3.90

The eagle opens the boundaries of our world to a new reality. A swan decides the course of a life in the balance. A crow brings the story to a turning point... In a reality made crazy, someone tries to survive, someone rediscovers himself, someone is confronted with a violence unimaginable. And the answers have more than one dimension...

ODESSA 5 The choice of Goraz Davide Rigamonti Davide Aicardi and Italo Brick, 96 pages, 16 x 21 cm, color, column € 5,90

From the battle field of a war-torn land in the arena of underground fighting clandesini. That the end of the Goraz? And why he chose to fight again? Yakiv, Bulls and Zhiras are on his trail, while a creature without emotions, trying desperately to feel something. The rest of the friends can be opponents the most ferocious. And the mysterious being he's going to enjoy the show...




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