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Published on Aug 01, 2019


Directly from Preview 46, we bring all the outputs and Sergio Bonelli scheduled for October 2019, including milestones such as Tex Willer, Dampyr, Dylan Dog Morgan, "Lost" and Nathan Never. Continue, ODESSA and the MAGIC WIND.

UPSIDE down by Luca Enoch and Riccardo Crosa 80 pages – 22 x 30 cm, hardcover € 19,00

A surprising work, a science fiction comic strip with a central mystery that vibrates in the “depths” of the starry heavens. A story that destabilizes the rules of the game, creating a
world completely overturned, and that will turn the head to the readers! On a sunny day, without any notice, for all living beings the gravity of the planet is reversed. The earth's “fall” upwards, disappearing into the sky. Among the survivors, a teenage girl who joins a group in a struggle against a sect of religious fanatics ready to put the word end to the human race.

The REVELATION of Alfredo Castelli and Corrado Roi 104 pages – 22 x 30 cm B/w, hardback € 18,00

A book event, a unique opportunity to see working with a pair of extraordinary
artists of the comic book. Alfredo Castelli, the creator of Martin Mystère, and many other characters, he writes, " for the first time in the world, is the transposition to the comics of the last and the most visionary book of the New Testament: the Apocalypse of st. John. A text on which the author pondered for a long time and has found, through the pencils of Corrado Roi the representation more effective, amazing and imaginative.

CHANBARA SWORDS of THE BETRAYAL of Gabriella Contu and Walter Venturi 112 pages – 22 x 30 cm B/w, hardback € 18,00

New adventure for the characters created by Recchioni & Accardi and for their violent and
impressive epic set in the Japan of the SEVENTEENTH century. In this episode, Ichi, the master was blind, but deadly as a cobra, and his fellow ventura – the gigantic and wild Daisuke, the ruthless Jun, and the warrior with the soul is not upright in Tetsuo – continue to oppose the plans of conquest of the cruel ronin Ryou Murasake, while the war rages even in the villages. To the texts of the valente Gabriella Contu and to the drawings, the extraordinary Walter Venturi.

THE COMMISSIONER RICCIARDI, WHEN IT SAYS THE FATE of Maurizio de Giovanni, Sergio Brancato, Claudio Falco, Paolo Terracciano, Daniel, Billiard table, Alessandro Nespolino, Luigi Siniscalchi, Lucilla Stellato 160 pages – 19 x 26 cm, B/w, hardback € 19,00

Four stories of commissario Ricciardi accompanied by the memories of its creator, Maurizio de Giovanni, in this new collection of comic strip stories. The famous creature of the writer napoletano returns in the format of short stories in black-and-white, resulting in his figure of the bard of a city made of light, but also to places dark and painful recesses, condemned as it is to move along the border that separates the city of the living and the city of the dead.

MARTIN MYSTÈRE PRESENTA: LEONARDO, the GENIUS OF the IMPOSSIBLE by Alex Dante 208 pages – 18 x 25 cm, hardcover € 26,00

500 years from the death of Leonardo Da Vinci, Martin Mystery takes the reader to the discovery of the heritage of the genius par excellence, a precursor to the scientific method, inventor, engineer, sculptor, painter, forerunner of the future and the cross and delight of his patrons. Following the ideal of The inventions are impossible of Martin Mystère, the volume
explore the greatness of Leonardo, the Genius of the Impossible, through insights, historical facts and digressions, Mysteriose, all enriched by three comic stories that revolve around the great man of the Renaissance, colored for the occasion in a striking colour scheme.

TEX Blood Navajo Gianluigi Bonelli and Aurelio Galleppini 208 pages – 22 x 31 cm, hardcover € 25,00

It renews the annual appointment with the christmas book of Tex, the unmistakable volume hardback from the back of the red. This time it's a classic of the series never before published first-edition hardcover, Blood of the Navajo, a long adventure signed Gianluigi Bonelli and Aurelio Galleppini. To obtain justice, Tex sets the indian revolt: in fact, five natives were killed without reason by Sam Hope and Bart Barlow, two gradassi white protected by the governor of the Blister and colonel Elbert...

MARTIN MYSTÈRE 365 The great epidemic of Marco Belli and Giovanni Romanini 160 pages 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 6,30

The epidemic that was unleashed without warning at Vienna, with more than 99 per cent of mortality among those who are involved, is not linked to diseases in the traditional sense of the term: the victims, in fact, they are caught by an impulse sudden, irresistible urges them to take his own life. For what reason? It is not clear even as to why the epidemic strikes some people and others remain immune. It's up to the Detective of the Impossible, in spite of himself involved in the investigation, trying to unravel the mystery making a long journey in the past, up to the wars between Austria and the Ottoman Empire and even further back in time.

MAGIC WIND. THE RETURN 4 the OK Corral, Gianfranco Manfredi and Darko Perovic 96 pages 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 3,90

The rebels Mingus attacking the reserve of San Carlos. Ned and Geronimo manage to overcome them, but Mingus is always one step ahead and now focus on Tombstone to settle a pending account with Wyatt Earp, who in the past had forced him to leave the city. In that moment, the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday are engaged in a contention, the local against the brothers Clanton and McLaury: you are about to go on stage the epic gunfight at the OK Corral!
With this issue we conclude our mini-series dedicated to the classic character created by Gianfranco Manfredi.

DARWIN 5 We are ghosts by Michele Masiero, Luigi Piccatto, Renato Riccio and Matthew Santaniello of 64 pages – 17 x 23 cm B/N, column € 3,90

The road to Bugarach is a trail of blood and violence. A walk impervious to the Boys Indigo, more and more confused and seemingly more and more distant from their destination and their destiny: to save what is left of what we remember as our world. And for one of them, the road goes toward a shocking end...

DAMPYR 235 The King in Yellow by Mauro Boselli and Luca Rossi 96 pages 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 3,90

The dramatic conclusion of an epic saga for the vampire slayer bonelliano. In a world far away, the King in Yellow back to Carcosa for opening the door of the Great of Old. At his side there is Emil Kurjak, the owner of the Pale Mask... And, against him, a band of heroes, led by the Dampyr and his father, the powerful Master of the Night Draka.

DAMPYR SPECIAL 15 Doppelgänger hotel! Luigi Mignacco and Gino Vercelli 160 pages 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 6,50

The young Jorge Louis Borges is dreaming of meeting his double, and with it his death. But what would happen really if Harlan, Tesla and Kurjak meet their alter ego? Jack Tarrant disappears after winning a holiday in a mysterious castle in Scotland, and Dean Barrimore called the Dampyr and his companions to understand what has happened to the lost friend. What horror hides inside its walls, the foggy weather Destiny Hotel?

NATHAN NEVER 341 to The latest survey of Davide Rigamonti and Sergio Girado 96 pages 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 3,90

Sam Nutter is a hero. On the other hand, how would you define a detective who has crushed all alone, at the risk of his own life, a fierce band of drug traffickers? The case made him jump to the headlines: he became a legend, an example to follow, a point of
reference... Sam, now, is nowhere to be found and the arduous task of finding it is up to Nathan Never, that following back the traces of a hero will reflect on the weight of the image that we want to leave ourselves.

NATHAN NEVER MAXI 18 The spectrum of Myriam of Fissore, and Boccanfuso in the mountains of The fear of Garagiola and Clement The scheme of the assassin of Plans and Lot 288 pages, 16 x 21 cm B/N, column – € 7,90

In charge of tracking down Rodrigo Maral, Nathan and Legs are convinced that it can be a victim of a murderer, which resemble... the Survivors of a train accident, Nathan and Branko bring their experience to bring in except for a small group of survivors... Investigating a murder along with the detective, Terry, Nathan makes
realize that the culprit may be a serial killer whose victims suffer from phobic disorders of a different nature...

ODESSA 6 at the Crossroads of Davide Rigamonti and Michela Sacco 96 pages 16 x 21 cm
color, column € 5,90

Those who were Viktoria Kozlova and Goraz Dryklov before the Day of the Merger? Who were they before they meet with Yakiv and Zhiras? When Odessa was a town of the prey of an ancient hatred, and the Menagerie 457 still had not lost their route, reducing the fate of a match to a melancholic melody played on a deserted beach. A melody that no one, apparently at least, would have had the good fortune to hear...

DRAGONERO 77 Death of a hero by Luca Enoch and Francesco Rizzato 96 pages 16 x 21 cm B/N, column € 3,90

New tragedies strike the world of Dragonero, the bereavements which seem to want to rip out your heart from your chest... and when the friend becomes your worst enemy and the sun stands in the shadow of the Lady of the Tears of Blood, each
certainty crumbles




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