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Published on Nov 08, 2019


With the Jungle comes the fourth volume Senzanima – the series adult franchise Dragonero – presented in preview at Lucca Comics & Games in 2019 where he was the protagonist together with announcements concerning the future of the fantasy series of the house of SBE – for all the details click HERE.

We left Senzanima with the third volume – our review HERE – in territories that are decidedly and classically fantasy. The band of mercenaries of the Senzanima he had had to face the mystics and malignant Lords of Blood, beings with extraordinary powers tied to the blood and to be always faithful to the Merovia.

In Senzanima – the Jungle, the band is making a long ascent of a river to bring the material to a siege in Merovia. The territory is hostile, the ones that should be coniferous forests have been transformed into a real jungle.

An ambush on the part of the wild ghoul stops the shipment by forcing it to repairs more than 6 hours. Greevo – the head of the Senzanima that we have discovered to be a Recurring or a mysterious not-dead come back to life while maintaining full consciousness of the self, the thing that impressed me very much Ian – organizes then an expedition to retrieve two of the mercenaries, taken prisoners, or the elf Avedis and Maadi.

While the two are tortured and abused in the village of the ghoul, Ian show all of his skills as a “ranger” using the surrounding environment, or the thick vegetation, to create the right opportunity to ambush the village and free the two companions.

The escape will be offered by a young ghoul, but the final will, as always, bitter and Senzanima may have made a new, ruthless enemy.

Could be summed up with the phrase “there is no honor among thieves” this Senzanima – Jungle, dense fourth volume of Senzanima.

Luca Enoch always keeps a straight bar of the fantasy, but goes beyond trespassing in the literature typically war which are reminiscent of the setting of the plot of a certain film genre - ’70s/early ’80s.

Don't get me wrong it is always Dragonero and its peculiarities, we are all. We discover an important piece of the past Ian in a sharp clash with Greevo and the final resolution is the entire license plate Senzanima specifically with escape and betrayal on the part of the mercenaries, while being sworn a silent revenge on the part of the ghoul.

In this sense, Senzanima explores the Jungle another, yet another, facet of the narrative universe of Dragonero, and that never as in this volume can be defined as mature, adult, abrasive.

In this sense, fit a brush, pencils, Manolo Morrone. His trait is very elegant and at times recalls that of Paul Eleutieri Serpieri. The designer roman the first to take the right measures in the first tables, with lines a little more crude then refine the all mediating a construction of the table is very “French” with a rhythm, especially in the action scenes very excited but very confused in which prevails the more the muscularity of the action that look for maybe the framing effect. To report its sinuous female figures. A job really excellent.

As always, great impact the volume hardback packed by Sergio Bonelli Editore in particular, the cover simple, but effective, signed by the great Mario Alberti. The extras are all dedicated to a thorough analysis with very detailed tabs on ghouls and their countries of origin.

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