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Published on Jun 05, 2019


Continues undaunted on the path of Dragonero between confirmations – the regular series, which has earned an audience attentive and devoted – and new initiatives such as the animated series, which should debut early in and addressed to a younger audience.

In the middle there is Senzanima, the series adult brand Dragonero, which he found in the adventures of a young Ian, or when it was enlisted in the group of mercenaries headed to Greevo Senzanima to the service of the Empire during the war against the rebel of Merovia, a fertile breeding ground for the narrative.

If the first volume was served to introduce us to this new setting, the young Ian, and its picturesque fellows, already with the second volume – Hunger, our review HERE – it was started to get serious with a story to the limit of the horror behind such a reflection bitter about the war.

With this third volume, titled the Dark, is back on the beaches more genuinely fantasy.

The Senzanima you are enjoying a little rest when their camp is suddenly attacked by beings thirsty for blood, and endowed with extraordinary powers: The Lords of Blood.

The Magician reveals the mystical nature and malignant of these creatures, always faithful to the monarchs of Merovia, Greevo, having regard also to the enormous losses, therefore, he decides to flush out the Gentlemen in their residence, with a small expedition.

The only weapon at the disposal of the mercenaries is dangerous vitriol burning. The plan is simple get to the house, and ignite the fire, however, Ian and his friends come in, you will find between the anvil and the hammer with the vitriol from one side and the Lords of the Blood from the other.

Luca Enoch stripped of any nonsense-the plot of this third volume by drawing profusely from the imagination of fantasy's most pure and recognizable for fans of the genre.

This is by no means an exercise in style, indeed the writer knows which threads to hold and which times. Here are The Lords of the Blood – threat indispensable in any fantasy scenario – are lowered in the broader context of Merovia and the fight with the Empire, while the second part of the book is a clear homage to the dungeon crawling which is typical of interactions in games of the genre.

If the action is concentrated all at the beginning, the second part of the volume is played all on the growing tension given by the discovery of the mansion and of the consequent escape, moments where the writer shows all of her experience and skill in the “director”.

The graphic part is entrusted to the pencil of Alfio Buscaglia that grows page after page looking for at first, and rightly so, a more cinematic approach, and then more playing with light and shade. It should be mentioned also the masterful job on the colors by Andres Mossa – without a shadow of a doubt one of the best colorists currently in circulation.

The colorist shows knowing how to master personality with the color choices – the purple and reds that characterize the first part of the book – without forgetting some “special effect” like the green very bright, in sharp contrast to the vitriol burning. However, it is in the use of the lights which Move towers blanketing the whole register of an atmosphere, now left, now ethereal, but always pungent and never “flat”.

Senzanima continues to grow, proving to be able to offer stories diverse but always engaging and never dull traveling in the groove of the fantasy genre but whose cut is “adult” and capable of attracting the attention not only of those who can't read the main series but also to those who maybe own this kind do not chew it.

The volume is the usual hardback large format with which the SBE is proposing these series. Care carto-technique is impeccable as well as the substantial appendix to the whole theme Lords of the Night.

Senzanima – Dark of Luca Enoch and Alfio Buscaglia | Review of




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