Send a picture of a “crime” via the AirDrop, the flight is blocked for 90 minutes


Published on Sep 04, 2018


Happening in the United States: while a direct flight to Hawaii is to have a girl send by mistake – via AirDrop – the photo of a murder victim to 15 passengers. And the flight is blocked.

As reported by BuzzFeed, the flight 23 of Hawaiian Airlines was during the taxiing before take-off from Oakland to Maui this weekend, when about fifteen passengers received a grisly photo. The picture showed the scene of a crime, with a dead child lying on the ground. Passengers alarmed, showed the photo to members of the crew and, when they were informed the pilots, the decision was taken to block the departure for further investigations.

In the end, it is discovered that the whole deed was due to a send error on the part of a young girl of 15 years. The girl was trying to send that photo to the mother sitting next to him, using the function AirDrop. And the image was simply a mock crime scene, conducted the school during the time of medical biology-using a dummy.

The girl is justified in saying that he did not know the name of the iPhone of his mother, and that he then tried to send it to the various devices in the list, without thinking of the consequences.

The crew explained that she apologized and was very embarrassed, so much to start crying after the discovery of the incident.

Among other things, for the proper investigation, the daughter and mother have not been admitted to the flight and were able to start only the day after.

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