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Published on Oct 18, 2017


Self-esteem, i.e. the ability to valorize. And’ the date of the opinion you have of yourself, the importance and the value you will ascribe to it. If it is too much, you have to be narcissistic and reject the people. If it is too little, can make you feel weak and depressed, leading you to make wrong choices or fail in your intent. As with all things, in short, balance is needed. How many times we say that to succeed in the workout, or have success in any project of life, we must be the first to love us and to believe in ourselves? Sin that is not at all easy!

Anyone who has a low self-esteem often do not challenge themselves (in the workout as in all things), but continues to seek feedback and compares it constantly with the others who, obviously, sees more and more good, more beautiful and more smart. In situations that are more serious, often see others as more fortunate and tends not to take responsibility for the negative situation that sees dumping all the blame on external causes.

But focus on your flaws does nothing but bring you to failure because you live in fear of making mistakes, of not be up to the judgment of others, and in the inability to accept a compliment will ensure that you will not be able to pursue anything in life. Whether for work, training or life projects in general.

Below I will put some of the symptoms, scroll down the list and try to see if you find yourself in someone. I beg you, be honest with yourself and answer with sincerity.

The knowledge of oneself is the basis of good self-esteem. No one asks you in fact consider yourself perfect (we'll let you in on a secret: nobody is), but simply to understand and recognize all the defects of the qualities. Having to do with its limits is normal but you have to learn to accept them first, and make them your strength after.

Improve the self-esteem will allow you to improve your decision-making capacity, freeing your choices by fears groundless and the conviction of not being able to do nothing.

It will also improve the RESILIENCE, i.e. the ability to handle stress and difficulties and not give up at the first problem.

The other thing not to be underestimated, will allow you to have realistic expectations: it's Useless to point to the physical anlela Festival and then blame themselves feeling a/a failed if you can!

And’ perhaps one of the workout the more difficult of the diva, from the album black! But it is also what gives more satisfaction, believe me. I'm certainly not the magic formula for success, are sincere, but some small tips I can try to give it to you.

Learn to appreciate yourself, faults and shortcomings included

How many times, after the first results, you happened to receive compliments and to feel strong embarrassment? You happen to think “is Not true at all!”, “They're taking you for a ride” “I don't deserve it”. Well... now, If you don't see well, but you meet someone who sees the beautiful in you, smile and be full of positivity! Slowly you will learn to accept the negative sides and whitewashing them or, even better appreciation of them.

All you've been through, all the difficulties you face or the mistakes you made, you have the capacity to be the person that you are. Go to the fair and make it a treasure.

Learn to accept you

Doesn't mean settle, but to find a balance between expectations and reality. By the other do not claim perfection, why should you do it against yourself?

This means that, as a first thing, you have to learn to listen to your needs. Put yourself first and choose the person you want to be, figure out where you want to go and how you want to take your walk. Takes a lot of courage, I know. You will have to learn to say NO and sometimes you'll be a little more alone. This may scare you, you will not have an alibi or people on which to download the failures but you will also get a lot of satisfaction and you will finally be an authentic person!

Train your self-esteem

In sports as in life it is important not to give up and to train your skills. There are those who part with natural gifts, already from the first prize and those who need to believe in it a little longer and engage. If you don't have confidence in you does not mean that you will have to go on all your life. Learn to react and train your self-esteem every day.

What is your level of self-esteem? Do you think that the sport has helped me to improve it? Why don't you tell us your experience on our Community Facebook?





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